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Skis: Dynastar Legend 8800 178 CM

Bindings: Look P10 Jr. Race (yes I'm over 30), 6mm lift

Boots: Lange Pininfarina 307 mm

Conditions: well covered and well groomed early AM. Groomers were hard with icy under. Off piste was days old dense pow with skiff ontop. bumps were firm yet with fresh bits and forgiving.

Temp: -8 C to -5 C.

Location: Marmot Basin

Skier: Level 7 - 8 (0-10 scale) 5' 10", 140 - 150 LB

March 18th was a well covered but getting packed down day at Marmot Basin in Jasper, AB

No fresh in the last week or so left the hill in much the same condition as I left it March 4th. some fresh bits to be found but you had to search for them.

I should have stayed home we got 1.5 feet of fresh. DOH! I pissed off Mother Nature I think. Local 600ft hill would have been amazing.

I think the Donkey is well flogged by me on these skis so I will only update on the stronger points that I noticed this last day out.

They love to jump and they are so good for landing. Jumped a couple of rock drop off and launched a number of times off natural features and caught some cool air in the moguls.

I'm looking forward to bigger hucks now.

The week previous I skied our local hill and was jumping everything in sight. I found you almost can't land badly on these

I used to jump alot and big years ago so I know a little about this. Dayam those 8800 are like landing gear on steroids. So stable no matter what for landing, light and balanced in the air.

Did some real dense many day old powder in Thunder Bowl. I saw all these tracks going across the hill from less experianced people. So I knew the fall line was 90 degress from that. I pointed em down let them build a good head of steam and wow big powerfull turns in what to the eyes looked choppy. so stable for this, almost like being weightless once they come up on plane and hit that magic speed (fast !). came out of that bowl feeling like a superhero and probably looked it as well.

Charlies bowl was much the same as Thunder bowl but more beat down and less fresh. so nice to be able to just point and shoot now with no worries.

after fully realizing the last few times out these like speed I have been letting them run more and they work better the faster you go.

nothing really new to report extra to my March 4th review.

A ski magazine from earlier this year said something to the effect of "great for billy goating around the mountain" I think this sums it up nicely.

Now if only I could hook up that Donkey and that Billy Goat. :