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I must have really pissed Mother Nature off.

drove 3.5 hours to ski three day old 2 cm. Come home to 1.5 feet of fresh at home. DOH ! Shoulda have skied the 600 ft local hill.

Not much has changed since March 4 sadly.

Hill is still covered very well and will hold up well for the spring finish. Well worth the lift ticket and the drive.

Charlies bowl was still sort of soft, Party sloped was pretty partied but still soft. Eagles East was lots of fun, Birthday Bowl was good and there was still fresh Chowder tracks to be had. We climbed up off the top of Eagles East Chair into Thunder bowl and it was the softest and deepest of the day. Still dense but lots of body to pound into it and go fast.

Groomers were showing some signs that warm weather was upon us as they were pretty hard but still smooth for fast running.

Bump runs were suprisingly fun as they were soft and forgiving, not too large and had great lines, lots of jumpers.

light snow fell for some of the day but not anything substantial.

Lift lines were next to nothing, but for Marmot this is no suprise.