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Womens specific ski suggestions please

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My friend is lookinig to update/upgrade her older Dynastar Venus 8's, 170cm. She is 5'11", about 140/145 lbs, and can ski pretty much any slope at a nice controlled speed. Skis mainly in the northeast on groomed. Any suggestions on what to move on to, and at what length ski?

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You should be so lucky. I'll pass your suggestion on to her husband........

So, seriously, no advice/suggestions?
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Burnin Luvs.

This might be better in the Gear forum.
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try the K2 line

I agree this w ould be better in the gear section and I think there are lots of previous threads about this. But to add my two cents, I am a female 5'5, about 118 and found the K2 Lotta Luvs this year. My skiing advanced exponentially. They a re 78 under foot and rock over pretty much everything, didn't get thrown around, no chatter. I did not like the Burnin' Luvs but maybe they'd be ok for back east skiing, didn't like anything else other than the Phat luvs in this years K2 line. And as far as that goes, I tried the phat luvs from last year and the year before and really loved this years (the pink ones)- would buy them if i could afford a quiver. A woman I ski with from time to time bought the missdemeanors (sp?) which she really likes, not at all a park skier but likes the ski a lot.
I was never sold on "chick skis", but K2 makes a great line. Check out the posts from Altagirl on this topic in the gear section (I think) from last november.
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Thanks for the info, and I've taken it to the Gear forum............
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I, too, prefer women's skis. That said ... your friend needs to get out and demo, demo, demo.

I think a lot of women are attracted or encouraged to buy the highest end skis. The lotta and burnin luvs are the stiffest skis in the K2 women's line. I'd try them and the next two skis down (the true and one luvs).

if someone is actively working on their skiing, then it's great to get a ski that grows with you. if she is content with her skiing and not likely to change much, then she should buy the ski she enjoys most today.

when she demos ... take two to three runs on each ski -- the same runs -- that cover some steep and bumps and any other condition commonly skied. it's amazing how differently skis perform in different conditions.

in the east, generally speaking, you want more of a carving ski (68 seems to be a magic waist number).

good luck -- don't buy without a try.
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Check out the Volkl Attiva line for women. They start at the Attiva AC2 and progress to more advanced models. They are great on groomed terrain.
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First of all VLAD......Behave! You are soooooo naughty!

Second of all. I love the Volkl line and I hear that they have an Attiva version of the AC3 coming out for 07. That would be an awesome ski.

or look at this thread....lots of girl info here
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I skied on the Volkl Attiva 5 Star's this year. They're a really responsive ski. I ski on 161's, but I'm a little shorter - 5'8" and a little lighter than you. If you can get your hands on a pair to demo, it would be worth your time. My only complaint is that they're kinda UGLY!

Hope that this helps!

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My wife demoed the Rossi B2W, Burnin' Luv and One Luv and the One Luv was her favorite hands down. The B2W was too wide for her at 78mm, the Burnin Luv was too stiff. She is a level 6/7 skier but avoids off piste at present. I wanted her to try the B1W but she wanted the K2 line as our daughter has the Luv Bug and wanted mom to have the same ski. She said the One Luv just turned so well for her with just a little initiation and wasn't too stiff in the mini-bumps. It is 68 mm (I think). I heard the graphics will change next year. My wife and daughter like the flowers.
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