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Gaging Interest for Trade: 4gb nano for AT gear

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Ok so most of you probably know the deal.
4gb Ipod Nano black, new in the box still shrinkwrapped.
Im going to save up some money to just buy what I want when the new stuff starts to roll out later or more people have their old stuff for sale...that and I figure out exactly what I want as far as skis and bindings go.

First person local to Denver who PMs me gets it for 200$
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a 3gig Nano is worth what, $180? you should price some AT gear, pechelman! you can't get much, not even used stuff, for that price.

but more seriously,

after my 3d outing on my AT gear and 3 other days on lift-served on the stuff, I'm about ready to ditch all of it and either give it up or buy all new.
here's what I have and would consider selling or trading for something of EQUAL value:

Black Diamond Havoc, 173cms
Naxo N01 binders
Garmont Mega-Ride G-fit boots size 27.5 Mondo

I may let the skins go with the skis, or may not. I'm still debating whether I'm going to give up AT gear completely. if I do let the skins go, they're BD GlideLights with the truck-tread pattern on the skin, trimmed to fit the Havocs. they also fit my Monster 88s and that's why I'd maybe keep them.
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a 4gb nano is 250$ at the stores
used at bindings go for around 200

i think you need to review your math especially since trades can be accompanied by a monetary addition.

not interested in glidelites or naxos or the skis
however perhaps the boots, I just really need to find some place to try them on unless you think theyd really fit based on my description.
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eh, okay, I misread what you were saying. I thought you were saying you wanted a whole AT setup for the Nano. sorry! and it seems the price I knew of was for a smaller Nano (1GB) too.

for the boots the only thing I'd say is you should try on some comparable models. Garmonts supposedly are the lowest-volume AT boot and I have a low-volume foot. I'm swimming in the 27.5, which is the proper size shell-wise for my foot in an AT boot. I tried on Scarpa Denalis and Lowa Strukturas also, and they both were higher-volume in width and instep height.

boot fit is too particular for me to say "yeah, they'll fit!"
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bumpity for monday
still want to trade for AT gear, although already bought a beacon and pack.

uncle crud
hopefully Ill have a chance to try on some 26.5 megas locally and then figure out if Im a 26 or 27 shell.
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cool, no hurry. also you might want to check Telemark-Pyrenees, their non-VAT price on '05 Freeride bindings is $200. but they were running low as of 2 days ago.
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I'll through my .02 in. I have 27.5 Beasts and Promodels which are close to the same shell fit as the x-wave and tour with 27.5 Megarides.
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out of curiosity
can anyone tell me what length each boot sole is for a 27 shell size?

for Beasts, Promodels, and Megarides?

ie 314mm etc
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I have Megarides in 27.0 and boot sole length is 310mm. I have Atomic alpines in 27.0 with boot sole at 305 - just so you know that the boot sole lengths are different from mondo
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hmm 310mm on a megaride 27shell
yea i know theyre different
just trying to compare the sizes a bit more between conundrums beasts, my xwaves, and a megaride
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Beasts 27.5=314
Promodels 27.5=314
Megarides 27.5=310

The 27 and 27.5 shells are the same.
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bump for update
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