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What is everyones setup?

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I ride a 158 Burton Royale, Brown Burton Mission Bindings, and the Brown Burton Freestyle boots.
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Voile 166 SD splitboard.
Technine MFM bindings with the Baltimore strap.
Nitro Team boots.
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Burton Custom 166
Burton Custom Bindings
Burton Freestyle Boots
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Artech 1.1 161 - Nitro Raiden Bindings
Hayes Brothers 163 - Catek Freeride Bindings
32 boots - team

Madd 158 - Catek OS2
Madd 170 - Catek World Cup
Donek 182 FCII - Catek Olympics

Head Stratos Pro boots
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Rome Agent 158
Union Force Bindings
32 TM2 Boots
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160 cm Gnu Carbon High Beam
K2 Clicker Bindings
K2 Ace Clicker Boots
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NS Titan TX
MFM Pro Binds
32 Boots
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Volkl 163 Renntiger
Raichle Flexon Comp w/DH tongues.
Snowpro x fritschi-nsteins
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son is eyeing it up !

162cm Burton Motion
Burton Ruler step in boots
Burton Mission step in binding

My Son (16) grew out of his board this year(147cm GNU carbon high beam) and as Hockey takes most of his time and my resources he is using my burton.
This allowed me to justify a new pair of Atomic M:EX skis and Neox 412 bindings to my wife. Phase two of the plan was the purchase online of some
Drake limited bindings (awsome deal from sideways people) to go with his Northwave APX boots from last year. This will get him through the rest of the season without having to use my step in system (I guess not the coolest!) while we search for a deal on a OPTION signature board in around 160 cm on e-bay. Phase three of the plan is when I get my snowboard back and then I can choose which tool to use on a big dump day. I think I've decided that skiing is better for me on an average ,Groomed, NO new
kind of a day. As much as I love the board on a powder day in the trees
I'm finding the skis nowdays more versitile all over your average resort.
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nitro fury 176
arbor crossbow 162
palmer honeycircle 158

nidecker 770LDS
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nidecker 770 LDS
forum ATPs

vans jamie lynn's
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K2 Zeppelin 156
Burton Mission (old ones but I put the capstrap on)
Salomon F20 8.5

Other old parts and boards
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Burton Supermodel 181
Burton Craig Kelly Slope Style 172

Burton Custom Binding

Airwalk Extreme Boot
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My hand me down set-up from my daughter.

Burton Feather (139 I think....I'm 5'4', I'd go a little longer when I end up buying my own new one)

Burton Synchro Bindings

Burton Driver Boots
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Freeride: Never Summer Premier 159
Freestyle: Sims Kurt Wastell pro model, 155

Bindings: Burton Mission
Boots: Salomon Synapse
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Ride your bike = save gas

Rome artifact 159 / burton cartel binders
Rome lumberg 156 / burton missin greed binders
Volkl reintiger 168 TD1's

Burton Ion boot
Burton Carbide boot
Technica Race Icon
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Ride Theory 154
K2 Zeppelin 156
Burton Baron 162

Burton P1MD (added capstrap)
Drake Podium

Burton Ions (md)
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Forum Destroyer w/ Burton Cartel
Airwalk Champ w/ Burton Custom (Used to have Flow on these)

Boots: DC Phantom 3 and Salomon Maori

K2 ModX w/ some old tyrolia binding
Salomon Flyer (got it today!) soon with Salomon S912 Ti

Boots: Lange 9 something or other and Rossignol Soft2

PS: Don't buy DC boots. Their durability is atrocious. Also strap-ins > flow.
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Board-Burton Custom 58
Binders-Burton P1's
Boots- Burton Hails

Just ordered an 06 Burton T6
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