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Originally Posted by snowidow
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Originally Posted by valleydude View Post

I had my ACL replaced in 1993. I had nerve damage too and it was very painful months after the surgery. You will notice the nerve damage slowly go away over time. How much time? I can't tell you that. 13 year after the surgery I still have a small area that is numb and will not feel any pain.

I am surprised that you are going to PT a month after the operation. I was starting PT a week after the surgery. Good luck, it was a real painful expierence and to this day I can't watch football players blowing out their knees on the highlight reels.

It was a very long recovery and I didn't ski for about 10 years because of fear of tearing it again. Though I tore it playing basketball my sister tore hers in front of me in Utah.

I am the same. I tore mine and meniscus playing basketball. How old are you know ? I am going for knee reco this week.

How are you doing now ? Do you have any OA ? Did you have any meniscus damage they might have trimmed ?

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