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Atomic e3 skis??

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A friend has a pair of Atomic e3 skis lying around that haven't been used, and has said I can have them for probably a low price. Does anyone know anything about these skis at all - what they were designed for, the skier level, etc.
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The e-series was introduced as a beginner-intermediate ski. e standing for "easy to learn".

You didn't say anything about your skiing ability so its difficult to judge. How low is the low price?

Good luck,

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I'm an intermediate skier and already have a set of skis (Atomic Metron 11's) that I love. I was thinking that it would be nice to have a beater pair of skis if these would be good general purpose skis for when the conditions aren't that great. I think the low price would be fairly close to a freebie - probably somewhere around $50, including the bindings.
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A new pair of e3 at sports authority with bindings is running around $299. The tag says they are for beginner or intermidiate. They also have e5 series too.
So for 50 bucks, sounds good to me.
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My wife has a pair of the E5's and is a blue cruiser intermediate. She loves them, very forgiving and easy to turn. Just don't go quick. I borrowed them once to see if a soft ski was easier in bumps, they were really ok, but skiing down to the base on a steep slope was interesting, they were fine and carved, as long as you ignored the tip flapping like a flag.
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