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Foot cramps

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I'm skiing in the Tecnica Icon boots with custom footbeds. I've put 28 days on the footbeds and 30 plus in the boots. I love the setup, great combination of performance and comfort, which I never thought you could have. Skied a long day yesterday at Whistler, sunny, soft pack,tons of snow........ anyway, toward the end of the day I started getting cramps on the bottom of my feet, in the center of the foot, just behind the ball of the ball of the foot, to be exact. I had been doing a mix of side stepping and climbing (w/o skis). I had to pull the boot off and massage the foot for 5+ minutes to get relief. It solved the problem for the remainder of the day and a 6000' 9 mile descent to the base. Any thoughts on what brought on the foot cramps, same place, almost same time on both feet???? :
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My boots are normally extremely comfortable, but sometimes I do have a similar problem. I am actually going back to the bootfitter and having my footbeds adjusted. However, I have found that if I walk a little in the boots unbuckled, like from the parking lot to the lift, that I am able to reduce this problem. Also, I have noticed, that the more traversing that I do, the more my feet tend to hurt. Good luck!
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It is a possibility this has to do with your arches. Everyone's arches are in a bit different place. some Technica models have adjustable arches. Look on the side on your boots down close to the sole. it's right on the edge. It's a little set screw. turn this in or out to adjust. This changes the height of the arch in the boot. If you have Superfeet or the like, maybe this is too much arch so turn it down. Then it may be a fore/aft problem. Is the pain much like two daggers stabbing your feet in teh arch area or close to it? You might find this problem to crop up faster if youi just stand arouind in your boots for a few minutes. While skiing or on the chasir you won't have the problem as quickly, but stand around a while like waiting for your daughter or someone to get down the hill to meet you and whacko! Ya get hit with the daggers!
Too little arch support and the foot elongates and your whole body weight press down on teh arches. too much arch and you foot gets slammed up against the instep of the boot which also tends to flatten out the arches. Anyway it's something to take a look at.
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Skiing in the backseat causes those foot cramps. I had the exact same foot pain the first day of two of the season, occasionally when my technique gets sloppy too, but the pain goes away pretty quick once I get outa the backseat again.
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A little post note on jyarddog comments on the Icon adjustable arch.If you have custom foot beds you need to remove the triangle shaped plastic arch completely from the boot ,to turn down the screw is not enough. Pull out the foot board and all you have to do is twist and pull .
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Dude, your calves are getting tight. Take some time out to stretch a little. You can also try loosening your boots just a bit. The feet will swell if your working hard and may have caused the problem.
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loosen the buckle on the boots that tightens over your instep. that caused alot of cramping for me...

I get foot cramps (in the arch) during one-leg balancing type excercises, might it have something to do with balance?

I also get foot cramps when im skiing terrain that scares me. (for a period of time...) a carry all the tension in my feet, try to curl my toes and get arch-cramps...(ooooowwwch.)
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in a quick guess, I'd second the Rat's shake on it. While skiing....I'd guess that you're doing most everything correctly...with relaxed toes....calves..shins..etc. But you know...you then have to transfer that same relaxation into the climbing environment...sounds like something's changing ever so slightly between the two acts....no matter what you climb in.

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Donda- has a good point. bag the adjustable arch if you use inserts.

BadRat- has great point. I'm going to try this myself just for general foot tingling. Take time to stretch out first. I have done this a couple of times and I think I had less foot tingle during the day.

It's important, though, to do static exercises when teh body is 'cold' otherwise you can pull a tendon or two.

LindA- has a good point. Too much instep buckle pressure can press down on the instep and therefore put undue weight or pressure on the arches.

With me it seems to be a balancing act with my boots. Too loose an instep buckle and the boot feels loose and I get heel lift. Too tight and my feet buzz! As the boot warms up, which seems an on going process throughout the day, I tighten up. if I watch it I'm ok, kind of. If I tighten up where I want them... great control; but then, here comes the buzz again bit by bit.

Don't they have new and used feet on sale at thedrug store this week?
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A lot of good suggestions on the other posts. The calf stretching is new one for me, so when I get foot cramps, I am going to give that a try.

In my own case, a slight shift of the foot bed or my foot in the boot can be the problem. When I do get foot cramps, I loosen my boots, give the heel a couple of hard hits on the snow, and rebuckle.

Usually this repositions my foot and the foot bed, so they are adjusted to where they are suppose to be to each other.

Let us know what works for you.
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Calve tightness is directly related to arch cramps. This is why your foot sometimes cramps if you are swimming for the first time in a while. The constant kicking tightens the calves and the arches cramp (they are somehow physically connected)

Considering you have custom insoles (and assuming they did a proper job) then this is for sure you problem. I don't think you were back seat based on the kind of skiing you said you were doing- you must know what your'e doing. You said you were hiking, which would easily tighten your calves.

Stretch your calves not just when the arches cramp, but before and after you ski. This should help prevent it from happening. By the way, the same thing happens to me sometimes.

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