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Rossignol B3 - best length

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I'm looking to purchase a pair of Rossignol B3's, but I'm not sure what the best length for me would be- 176 cm or 184 cm. I'm 44 years old, 5'6" and 200 lbs. I'm an aggressive skier who tends to ski fast (told by Sugarbush Ski School that I'm level 9, but I'm not certain of that), and ski about 35-40 days a year, half of which are weekends in the northeast with the remainder trips out west or to Europe. A ski shop employee told me the the 169cm ski was the right length, but I'm certain he must have been on some mind altering medication. So what's the concensus? I wish I could demo the ski in each size, but to date I haven't been able to find the ski in either length to demo anywhere.
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The shop guy wasn't really wrong, for your height in the east the 168 would be versatile. The 176 is better for your weight and higher speed. Forget about the 184.
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I live in NH and ski the 2006 B2 in the 174 cm length and am 6 ft. 160 pounds, probably a level 8 skier. The B2 is narrower than the B3, but has the same construction as the B3.

The 174 length in the B2 has been perfect for me.

I would not go too short if I were you at your weight and ability level. The 176 will probably be the best all-rounder. I would definitely not go less than that length even in the East.

My 2 cents......
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Height?!? He weighs 200lbs.
Do the skis pull out a measuring tape? No, they respond to his weight.
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I'm 190 and you want the 176 for sure.
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Height (leg length)= leverage. You need to consider both height and weight.

Once again, get a 176, happy sliding.
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Originally Posted by Whiteroom
Height (leg length)= leverage. You need to consider both height and weight.

Once again, get a 176, happy sliding.

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how does leverage play into the equation?
I see an aggresive skier, probably looking for a softer snow ski in Vermont and Europe.

B3's aren't exactly the most stable ski for someone who tends to ski fast. (not that they are terrible) Also at his weight, the extra length in the shovel will help with skiing powder/crud. He doesn't need a 176 ski as a crutch if he is "level 9 by Sugarbush standards"
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RJP, leverage factors in by being how well you can apply the force of your weight. He's 5'6", a 176cm will be 3" over his head. A 184 is 6" taller than he is, are you on something that much taller than you? I doubt it.

The B3 is no wet noodle, they are easy to ski but perform when pushed by a skilled pilot, anyone who claims to 'out ski' them is muscling them around instead of using finesse and technique and is probably a lot worse at skiing than they would like to admit. I think the 'short ski hype' (different thread, amusing myself) is silly, but dude, you gotta look at height and weight together.
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At 5'6" and 200 lbs. I would think leverage does come into play. Talk about a low center of gravity. I'd think even at the level he claims, a 176 would be plenty of ski.

I also think that any level 9 skier would know what to length to buy as he best knows his abilities. He would be comparable to myself at 5'9" and 190lbs. The 176 will be plenty.
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any more explaination on leverage? I feel like I just got a "Because I said so" answer.

I'm 5'10" 165ish and I ski 188's (for soft snow, 178 skicross for hard snow) our difference in height=4".... 4"*2.5cm/inch=10 cm
188-184=change of 4 cm... 10cm-4cm= he is skiing a ski relatively 6cm taller than mine. 6cm*inch/2.54=2"inches.

So he is skiing a ski that is relatively 2" (6cm) longer then I, but he has 40lbs on me. I think that 40lbs plays a factor.
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I'm not the ski guru but know what has been right for me. I have no stability problems with the 176 and feel so comfortable and in control all the time. Everone's different. None of can say what's right for another but since he's asking, and I'm familier with the ski in question,I'd say a 176 is plenty of ski for him.

Personally, I feel if a person claims to be a level 9 skier, he should know enough about skiing and skis that he wouldn't have to ask anyone else what size ski he should be on. Reguardless of the kind. JMHO

To me, leverage means fore/aft stability.
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I'm 5'10" and 180#, level 8, average aggression, and ski in the PNW. I demoed the 2005/2006 B3 last December in a 168cm and was left wishing for the 176cm while skiing crud.

The 168cm was nice in the bumps, but I think I could have done just fine there with the 176cm.
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Hmm, I have no problem with crud at high speed with my 168 B3s. I'm 5'7" 200lbs and like to ski agreessively. The shorter length works for me (less effort carving) since I spend most of my time skiing with my family on groomed runs.

Krisstack should go with 176s since that's what he wants.
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Rossignol B 3 length

I own a pair of B3 2006 model.. length 184. I am 174 centimeters tall and i like to ski fast... really fast.. the 184 will provide fantastic stability at high speeds.. even matching my old gs skiis in performance and stability if you have a good technic. It takes a little extra effort to get them on edge but it will pay back with dividends if you can throw in the extra effort... I used to ski the legend 8000 in 178 but it just got to nervous at high speeds. Great for manouverability though. I bought th b3 for extra stability. I love my long B3's but when i am throwing them around trees or doing "jump turns" in really steep conditions i wish they were 176 but when going for high speed turns in powder or in the pists, nothing beats a 184.
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kris: I ski the B3, 168cm. I'm 5'7", 160 lbs, level 9-10, ski about 40+ days on the west coast.

I love this ski. Yes it's short (I used to ski 198cm back in the day) but I'm so glad I chose this length. I've skied it in 21" of fresh, icy hardpack, tight moguls, 15 foot drops - pretty much everything. That being said, given your weight, you should definitely go for the 76. Trust me, you won't need to go longer.

Happy skiing.
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