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Park Ski Length

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I currently ride 174 05 Public Enemys and I love them. At first I thought they were a bit long but now I think they are perfect...for all mtn.

I am 5'8, 145 lbs. I want to buy a park ski before summer while the 05-06 models are all on sale. I am looking at the K2 fujative and the Volkl Dogen, but I dont know what length to get. I really want these skis just for the park and will have them mounted at the core center.

Will 160 range be too short? I originally wanted 160s so spins and other tricks would be easier to work on, but I have had a couple people tell me that would be to short, and that i should get something in the 170s range. I used to (never again though :P ) ride ski blades, so I dont have a problem handling shorter skis.

Anyone who knows anything about the Park scene that can give me some advice, i would really appreciate it!!

Thanks guys.
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I'd look for a ski in the mid 160 range you'll have better fore/aft balance on a longer ski, better ability to spin on a shorter ski. Mid 160ish ski will be a nice compromise (and will FEEL short compared to your 174). A lighter weight ski will also help, pure park go a bit narrower than the PE this will reduce weight. The Dogen is a good choice, the Line invader or chronic are also good and often real cheep.
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