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Head Fast Thang v Fischer Vision 50

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Looking for some thoughts, folks, please

I've been trying all season to get demos on the above two skis as I quite fancy an ice/short radius ski to complement my Monster 72s (which I adore), but totally without success. Since it's the end of season sell-offs, it's very tempting to take a punt on one of these without a demo and simply flog 'em on Ebay if I don't like them - but obviously I'd prefer to buy a pair I'm going to like. Mr Eng has the Monsters paired with Supershapes which seems to be a perfect combination, but a) I'd like to try out some ladies' skis and b) nowhere but nowhere seems to stock the Supershapes in less than a 170 anyway

I'm reading fairly varied reviews : Some say the Fast Thang is something of a handful, that it will bite harder than the Supershape if you get it wrong, that it can become unstable at high speed, others that it's as smooth as butter, fast to boot and you don't necessaily need to have A+ technique all the time (mine suffers a bit when I tire). Reviews of the Fischer seem to be unanimously glowing, many say it's forgiving, but is it an ice ski, is it what I'm looking for? I also can't keep up with Mr Eng any more when he's on his Supershapes

The Fast Thang seems to be in greater supply round here - is that trying to tell me something? I know I like my current Head skis, does that mean I'd likely prefer the Fast Thang over the Fischer? FWIW Mr Eng and I tend to like the same sorts of skis, he got to try the Fischer World Cup SC, thought there was little to choose between it and the Supershape, bought the Supershape owing to availability and a good deal. Does the same hold for the ladies' versions?

Is it likely to be simply a case of buy whichever is the best price and available in the right length? I guess I'm sort of worrying that I won't be able to handle the Fast Thang (for background, I tried a 5* that we think must have been fully tuned and scared myself witless at my total inability to control it), but the Fischer might be too similar to what I already have.... Do I take a chance on the level of ski of the Fast Thang but stick with a manufacturer I'm happy with, or do I take a chance on the manufacturer (bearing in mind Mr Eng thought they were not dissimilar) for what seems to be a more forgiving, versatile ski but which may not have the ice hold I'm after and may be too similar to what I already have?

I'm probably about a level 7???, top end of almost all ski school scales (FWIW), can handle most things on piste but not keen on steep ice, just beginning to venture into powder. Weight 67kg, height 1.68m (5'6"). Also length.... my Monsters are 156, in the past I've usually skied 160, but I'm inclining towards 155 if I'm looking at a high-level ski, am I barking up the right tree?

Any and all help and thoughts would be very much appreciated! (And apologies for the rambling, incoherent thoughts above!) Thanks in advance
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Sorry, no first-hand knowledge, but looky here.....

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Thanks a lot for that link, Ghost. It's very reassuring and pretty much describes how I felt about the Monsters. The Vision 50 has been getting stonking reviews in German-speaking Europe and as a result there seem to be only the longer lengths left, so availability, combined with manufacturer, combined with reassuring reviews means I'm inclining towards the Fast Thang.

I'm still slightly in 2 minds about length - is it generally a case of if in doubt go shorter? So 155?
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From what I've read the only downside to the Vision 50 is a lower speed limit than Fast thang, but that could be hype from the Head groupies.

As to length, I would just pick the turn radius that you think you will find most agreeable to your style of skiing the hill. Having recently bought a 13-m radius ski, I'm glad I didn't go shorter, but I tend to like higher speeds.
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Well, since I'm aiming to keep up with a Supershape....

I tend to like short turns, and I'm also thinking, if the 156 Monster works well, why go longer for a slalom-stype ski? Looks like I'll be taking the punt on the Fast Thang in a 155 then
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I'm looking forward to reading your review.
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