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I demo'd a 174cm B Squad today at Whistler.
My stats: 5'7" 155lb level 9+ 38YO male, ski 40 days per year.
Today had about 9cm of fresh pow - just right for this ski.

It's a beast. It's beautiful. This is a great ski. It plows through everything. Wonderful floatation. Astoundingly fast. I skied 10 laps on the Peak before 11 am and I was spent. These skis make you work. The Squad will be the choice for young rippers next year.

However, it's way too much ski for an old fart like me. This baby is HEAVY!! Don't get me wrong - I'm a very accomplished skier and can keep up with just about anyone on the mountain. But my old knees prefer something a bit lighter, with a tad more sidecut. Not sure I need 100mm underfoot either. After today's demo, I might pick up a 168cm B4 to add to the quiver as it's a bit lighter, less stiff, with slightly more sidecut. But this ski deserves a test ride bu all you big mtn rippers.