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Crank(ing) Turns

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My buddy and I met up with Crank and his cub on Thursday at Vail. We skied together all day and had a great time. In the process, we shot a lot of video and we got this little snippet of Crank for MA.

Enjoy! We sure did.

Click here to watch CrankingTurns
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I like the final words, "Ohhhh! He got it! He got it on video, Dad!" Typical for the kids.
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The best part is he got back up and was ready to ski off again.
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Too much rotary or not enough air?
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Spinning Like a Top

Thanks Mike,

I think I just invented a new style of skiing - "break dancing on boards"!

We just got back late last night. Had a great week and enjoyed skiing with Mike & friend.
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I was waiting for the "damn skis" head shake!

I think I enjoyed this video more than any other ever posted on epic!
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They got to do something about those "snow snakes" out at Vail. Looking good, what did you hit there?
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I was trying to really lay 'em over on the edges and I felt like I caught the uphill edge of my uphill ski near the tail. It may just be a learning curve thing as I am on Pocket Rockets here which are quite a wide ski. Whatever I did, the forces involved caused me to spin around like a top!
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You are skiing from a bit of an A-frame espicially during turn initiation. From there, you extend your skis away from the direction of he turn, causing you to lean inside the turn and then your weight gets back at the end of the turn.
It looks like you are having fun though.

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It could have been me

If the camera would have been running when I dropped into the Siberia Bowl, made a turn and Face planted...

Crank - thanks for being a good sport!
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