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Your cat's favorite hangout

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My cat does that all the time!
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Vlad, is that your "kitty?"

A guy I knew years ago had a bobcat for a pet. As he said, "You can take the cat out of the wild, but you can't take the wild out of the cat."
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Microwaves are the size they are..because cats are the size they are.
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vlad will not answer that!

He knows if he does .... Fish & Game will be breaking down his door????

That is not a "normal cat" ....

Course ... in that cat eyes .. it's owner probably isn't textbook "normal" either!
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excuse me...gotta get the door....

thanks. just what i need.
another venue for an angry
bear to use to get me screwed.
(I thought i'd deleted all my cat pics )
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