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New Volkl

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I am torn between getting one of these new skis. The 2005/2006 allstars (161) or the 2006/2007 S5's. I am 5'7 190 lbs and I am looking for a front side carver. Thanks.
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I think we need a bit more information. What kind of skier are you? How aggressive are you? Do you like stiffer or softer skis? etc.
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I am a agressive skier in the morning, but likes to cruise in the afternoon's or ski with slower friends. I need something that won't be work to ski the green run with friends, but have enough horsepower to kick my brother ass down the slopes!! I need a street friendly sports car!
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I have different stats than you, and I ski different terrain than you, but .....Here's what I found when I demoed the 5 star and the allstar.

The 5 star performed very well and let me drive them like a performance vehicle when I wanted to do so, and relax when I wanted to relax.

The Allstars were very similar, but demanded that you stay on top of them all the time.

In my opinion, The allstars were a touch quicker, but much less forgiving.
If I started the day out on fresh groomed, then ended with crud the All star would leave me worn out at the end of the day. The 5star(I understand the S5 is even better) would leave me thinking I could do a few more runs.
Does this help?
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Sounds like you are an intermediate skier. If that is the case, then the S5 is a better choice. The Allstar is a demanding ski that requires constant input to ski well. The S5 is a more forgiving ski -- but still has plenty to offer even a level 9 skier.

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Below is a copy of impressions I posted on the S5 review thread. I suggest you demo as my experience with the S5's I bought was much different than with the 5* I demoed. If anyone has any thoughts would appreciate it.

I was planning to buy 5 star but given they have been around for a few years wanted new model, so had my shop order s5's in size 168. Picked them up last thursday and took them with me up to Mt. Tremblant in Canada this weekend. Had a few quick reactions when I picked up the ski 1) very heavy, 2) very thick (height in mid-section, 3) while its only 1mm wider at tip it looks much wider. On the mountain my experience is consistent with most of the comments above: extreme grip on ice and while carving, very stable at high speeds, responsive, easy turning various types of turns, did not get thrown around in crud/slop(up to 8” was what I encountered), and quite forgiving – could get in the backseat and not get kicked off. Only disappointment was that I found the ski rather tiring whether I was skiing with my 4 year old or out on my own. Might have been 1.5 degree canting I was trying on my boots for the first time, but my sense is that the ski’s weight takes a bit out of you and overall that the ski also requires lot’s of energy from the skier. Not at all like what I experienced demoing the 5 stars and even allstars or some of the reviews I have read about other high performance carving skis (e.g, RX8) that provide “all day tireless skiing” as written by the reviewers.

Reconsidering whether this is the ski for me and might be selling and getting something else.

I am 5’10”. 160lbs and a level 7-8 skier. My older skis are Volkl Motions (4 yrs old I think) and Rossignol Zenith Z5’s.
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Look at Volkl Superspeed heard they are great, Fast and good all around ski!
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