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How thin edges is acceptable?

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I just bought a brand new pair of Fischer Worldcup GS Racestock 183cm -04/05 skis. It´s the "retail racestock" version and no custom built ski. An all flat sandwich construction and a worldcup plate.

After skiing it one day I just love it. It´s quite soft flexing compared to my Blizzard Titanium GS Racestock 188cm:s and that makes the Fischer really easy to ski on solid hardpack. There´s an instant suberb grip, even at lower speeds and I have yet to find the top end. An excellent ski also outside of the course in my opinion. However I just found a problem with the skis:

The edges are really thin even before the first race preparation. The thickness varies a bit, but at the thinnest places it´s just about 1 mm thick from base and up. It looks like an "it´s the end of a long hard season" worn out 40 times grinded race ski when it comes to edge thickness. However they where definately not skied as the ski wasn´t even drilled when I got it. It´s the height of the edge thats the problem. Sideways they are not as thin.

Ofcourse you could say that it´s a race ski and therefore the edges are supposed to be thin, but this is just a bit too thin to make me feel comfortable. I have no real experience of racing or race stock skis in general and I have also no possibility to compare my skis to others so I ask you guys here. How thin edges should I accept on a brand new race stock Fischer ski? Is 1mm a warranty case or is it just normal on this type of skis? I remember that I once succesfully did a warranty claim with a Dynastar Arno Adam that had the same problem. That´s a freeride ski however.

I normally mostly ride Völkl Explosives and Salomon AK Rocket Labs. The edges on the Labs are a quite massive 3mm thick and that makes the new Fischer edges look ridicolously thin.
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You bought 'em, accept!

Thin edges will give you braggin rights when they get down to nothing.

Or read Lao Tsu and know that a sharp knife has no thickness and so cuts without resistance.

I bet you'll be impressed how hard those Fischer edges are. You won't do much to them with a common file.

Just 2 cents
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Originally Posted by Cgrandy
You bought 'em, accept!
I bought them on mail order som I didn´t inspect them before handing over the money...

I have never even been close to stone grind a ski enough times to take all the base or edges away, so I don´t think that that will be an issue. But it surely makes the ski harder to sell later on.
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I'm fine with the thin edges on the RC4 SC's I use as my daily drivers \\

If recall is with me. Fischer uses those thin edges as an engineering advantage for their product. At least in the ads. People pay more for those slender ribbons of steel.

General wisdom has it that "soft" steel edges are usually "thick" while "hard" edges can be thin. Every racer knows p-tex is faster than steel.

You will love 'em


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