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My dearly beloved 2003 Atomic R:9 boots recently melted in a fire, much to my dismay. Im currently looking for replacements, but as a student/ski bum my budget is limited. Instead of buying the latest, more expensive, boots, Ive been looking at past models of atomic boots, which are considerably cheaper. Unfortunately, information on older models seems to have been purged from the internet.

Im looking for any information on atomic boots (in the ride line) from the 2003-2005 years. Specifically, does anyone know the flex index of the R:9s, R:10s, and R:11s (for 2003 or subsequent years)? Also, Ive found a 'womens R:11' on ebay, but I wasnt aware atomic ever made womens boots in the ride series. Is the seller honest (they look exactly the same as the mens version)? If they do exist, whats their flex index, what year(s) did they make them, and how do they compare to the mens versions?

Finally, heres some basic info on me if any boot experts have any general suggestions: Im female, 135lbs, 5'8", 22 yrs old, and an aggressive, expert level skier. I raced for a few years, am on the US National Ski Patrol, and am currently instructing part-time. I can ski everything, but prefer off-piste steeps, powder, etc, and bombing the pistes (if the snow off-piste is no good). Bumps and terrain parks do very little for me.

I know this is a lot to address, but any help at all would be greatly appreciated!