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Fischer Freeride

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anyone familiar with the Fischer Freeride? A good deal on them at https://www.livetoplay.com/Pages/Auc...ProdId=FisFree
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Ski: Fischer Alltrax Freeride 188cm -99

If you don't ski on ice or groomed all the time, a good deal.
They are light skis that can carve on anything but blue polished ice (the ice rink stuff that I accounter perhaps once a year if at all). They are quite easy to turn and require skier to be just centered, not much forward pressure or shifting weight from tip to tail required. Skiing in soft stuff is as easy as with other midfats. Tails are a bit softish for old school SL turns - a bit softer longitudinally than X-Scream, but IMO Fischer feels much better (accurate, not overly damped like rubbery X-Scream)underfoot. Smooth (for a midfat) in fall line bumps.
Because they were a bit too soft for my liking, I did not choose (chose Volkl Vertigo G31 in 193cm instead...) them for alpine skiing but for telemark skiing - very good for allround use consisting of groomed, bumps, off piste and some backcountry.
But one thing to be aware of - I've heard of some instances where cap on sidewall collapsed after hitting rock and one instance where cap collapsed while skiing on piste.

My data:

Male, 29 yrs, 180lbs, 5'9", level 8-9(?)<FONT size="1">

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