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Catskils - Owned the Geze Phil mentions. Not only expensive, but a mess to use, never felt very predictable. Anyway, I thought most modern toepieces DO release upward independently of sideways (Marker, Tyrolia, Atomic) or all directions (Look), or at least at an upward diagonal (Salomon). And I understand that while Marker may not have (literally) separate DIN's, it's built to have lateral release pressures that vary with forward and upward forces at the boot toe. And at least four brands (Tyrolia, the late lamented Look Axials, Marker MRR's, Lines) have/had some provision for lateral/diagonal heel movement. Currently I run Tyrolias, notice that they're very easy on the legs coming out, none of that sudden pull some bindings produce; I attribute this to the heel diagonal. So there's no dearth of good bindings out there.