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new high tech nutritional aid!!

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Breaking news from the world of science:
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Don't want to register for it. What's the jist?
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Time to make some Shenandoah's Pride racing jerseys


Does the FR/CR distinction refer to the tonicity of the drink?

Too bad it was such a small study, though. Guess there aren't that many guys that can take a Dirty Sanchez joke.
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SMJ- sorry_ I didn't realize that you couldn't access the link directly. Here's the cut and paste version (and I love the disclosure at the end!):

Feb. 27, 2006 — Chocolate milk is an effective postexercise drink that improves recovery, according to the results of a small, randomized trial reported in the February issue of the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism.
"Our study indicates that chocolate milk is a strong alternative to other commercial sports drinks in helping athletes recover from strenuous, energy-depleting exercise," coauthor Joel M. Stager, PhD, from Indiana University in Bloomington, said in a news release. "Chocolate milk contains an optimal carbohydrate to protein ratio, which is critical for helping refuel tired muscles after strenuous exercise and can enable athletes to exercise at a high intensity during subsequent workouts."
On 3 separate days, 9 male, endurance-trained cyclists performed an interval workout followed by 4 hours of recovery, and a subsequent endurance trial to exhaustion at 70% maximum oxygen consumption (VO2max). In a single-blind, randomized design, the men drank equivalent volumes of chocolate milk, fluid replacement drink (FR), or carbohydrate replacement drink (CR) immediately after the first exercise bout and 2 hours of recovery. The chocolate milk and CR had equivalent carbohydrate content. Primary endpoints were time to exhaustion, average heart rate, rating of perceived exertion, and total work for the endurance exercise.
Time to exhaustion and total work were significantly greater for chocolate milk and for FR trials than for CR trials, suggesting that chocolate milk is an effective recovery aid between 2 exhausting exercise bouts.
Study limitations include the possibility that the 4-hour recovery period limited the complete digestion of the complex carbohydrates contained in CR.
"The results of this study suggest that chocolate milk, with its high carbohydrate and protein content, may be considered an effective alternative to commercial FR and CR for recovery from exhausting, glycogen-depleting exercise," the authors write.
The Dairy and Nutrition Council, Inc, supported this study in part.
Int J Sport Nutr Exerc Metab. 2006;16:78-91
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COmprex- I think that FR drinks contain electrolyes only, and CR drinks also contain some form of rapidly absorbed carbohydrate (usually some sort of glucose polymer)
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Thanks dp.

Notice also that "significantly greater for chocolate milk and for FR trials than for CR trials," so the Fluid Replacement drinks did the same thing.
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any "nutritional aid" purporting to be "new high tech"
is gonna be BS.
run far, and fast, from this scam
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vlad- next time read the post before replying. The title was most definitely tongue in cheek.
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Originally Posted by dp
vlad- next time read the post before replying. The title was most definitely tongue in cheek.
i honestly had that one figgered out...
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Before you go running out to buy choco milk*

Some numbers:
Protein content per 100ml:
choco milk: 3.33g   mass market low fat yoghurt: 3.38g
Sugars content per 100ml
choco milk: 12.9g   mass market low fat yoghurt: 13.5g
Fats content per 100ml
choco milk: 4.2g     mass market low fat yoghurt: 0.8
% daily calcium per 100ml**
choco milk: 10.4%   mass market low fat yoghurt: 11.3%
Carb to protein ratio:
choco milk: 3.9       mass market low fat yoghurt: 4
*I found -one- brand without HFcornsyrup or Acesulfame K. It was also a Jersey cow brand with claims of higher calcium and protein content.

** See SportLegs(TM) threads.
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