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Rossignol Pow'airs

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I just found a deal on a pair of pow'air grinds, $150 bucks brand new without binidngs. I'm getting ready to go for it, but I've never heard much about the ski and was wondering if anyone here has ever used them? Are they an all around good ski or only good in the park? Because I'm really looking for a twintip that can do more than just hit jumps.
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I really like the 168 PowAirs, and a couple of my buddies have the 178 and really dig it as an everyday all mtn ski, not just a jib stick. The Grind may be another matter. I have not seen it, but I think it has a grind plate underfoot, designed to be durable and easy for rail grinds, but is probably a bit of a detriment to it's regular ski performance.
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the main thing I'm worried about is the plate screwing up the ride, I was kinda hoping someone hear had used the grind version and knew. But it's good to know that the base verious is cool.
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