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true often mechanicaly the human body tends to favor the toe side edge rather the heel. In regards to Vlad's take on the difficulty of carving heel side; yes lack of forward lean may be sometimes be the issue.

An observation of mine.... that when using forwad lean sometimes too much is no good. Having too much forward lean tends to limit the amount on ankle flexsion. Limited ankle flexsion does not allow for the ankles often critical mirco adjustments that can be made on the fly. Yet even sometimes inroducing a little forward lean to the rider can yeild great succes.
Couple additional thoughts while I'm still here; the bodys reference, the turn shape (ie is the rider actually starting and finishing with their board across the fall line). Center of mass: I often observe alot of prospect easties being too tall (not utilizing flexsion & extension of ankles / knee joints.

Tah-tah for now.