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Ski movies - telemark

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Just caught "Heroes of Telemark" (1966, Kirk Douglas, Richard Harris) about Norwegian resistance fighters sabotaging a German heavy-water plant in WW II. Good free-heel chase scenes, but no telemark turns!
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Great story

As you probably know, Telemark is a region of Norway. During the 40's, the telemark turn, which was developed in the Telemark region, had largely been replaced by the Alberg (sp?) turn, which was the precursor to modern alpine technique. It is still a great story, and the movie is based on true facts, though probably embelished and modified for the silver screen.
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The History Channel (or one of those types) has a good program on Telemark, the heavy-water plant, and the sinking of the ferry carring the heavy water to Germany. The 1966 movie follows the actual facts very closely. They even have interviews with the people involved. Very interesting.
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