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K2 Fuative

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Are these skis the last years model of the Public Enemys? Anyone tried these and can compare them to the Enemys or just give a general review? I am looking for something like the Enemys for cheap. And anywhere where you can can get these cheap it Canada or US online with good shipping (the enemys) they aren't at 279 at back country any more
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They basically are a less demanding/performing version of the Enemy. My son (who is 24) has a pair and loves them for screwing around in the park but not for ripping around the mountain. If you are an intermediate skier they will be fine.
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My understanding is that they are really soft and so are much better suited for the park than for crusing. I'm looking to get a pair of twin tips at the end of this season as a powder ski and these don't seem to me like a great option for that. So I guess it would depend on what you are looking to do on them.
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Ok thanks I'm an advanced skier and want more of a twin-tip all mountain ski. They were cheaper than the PEs so thats why I was wondering.

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Not sure what size of PE's you're looking for, but here are 169's and 164's for $299 with free shipping. http://evogear.com/Ski%20Shop/K2/item_1447_4.aspx I was thinking about buying some 174's myself, but all of the places that have good prices are sold out of that size so I'm back to waiting for a pair of these or some 176cm Line Prophet 80's to come up on Ebay. I'm gonna have to shoot the idiots who keep on jacking up the auction prices way too soon now too.
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Hell ya. Sittin here surfting the net at 1:30am and I find this:
http://skibuckmans.com/product_view....=248& id=1860
K2 Public Enemies, all sizes left, $279 with free shipping. Forget the Fujatives, jump all over this deal. I'm thinking I will.
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Shit. $10 oversized item shipping charge, but still a good deal.
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