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Questions re:Stockli (GS Specific)

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I am looking at getting some new skis for GS. My current GS boards are SX:B5's at 174 cm. Can't say how much I love these skis. I just want a GS ski to add to the quiver. (I am a gear whore) I have been racing both GS and SL for two seasons, sking for a total of four. I get to the hill for two+ hours a day five days a week, three of those in gates. All of my skiing has been on the East Coast. Now to the questions.

1. Is the published turning radius the "real" turning radius? I have read about how great you can tighten your turns up, and how tight you can pull these around. Yet, the Stockli website claims a radius of 24.4 m at 182 cm. Physic Man's calculator (I have lurked for a while) gives a radius of 21 m at 182 cm. I know Physic Man's calculator isn't the end all be all, but the published length contradicts various reviews, and the calculator.

2. What brands of bindings are these compatible with? I was thinking either Marker Piston or a Vist plate. What on top of that? I'm not sure, different topic.

3. Where are demos, if any, available on the East Coast? It's damn near imposible to find a place to buy these skis let alone demo.
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Head race stock are compareable, but more common and less expensive.

You may also consider a Stormrider XL, which is 100% just like a GS ski, but 75mm under foot. Much better for freeskiing, making GS carves when not on straight ice.
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What kind of racing are you doing. Do you need to be on a legal ski?
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Highway Star:
I hadn't considered the Stormrider XL, thank you for pointing it out. I'm not too worried about cost simply because I don't settle for what I don't want, even if it is expensive. If I can't afford it now, I save, and buy it when I can. Most of why I want a GS ski is the performance on ice.I'l have to find out more about Head now. (I have a bad taste in my mouth from my first pair of skis, ex Head rentals.)

I was doing highschool racing. Some of our sets were wide open, others were pretty tight. Other than mandatory helmets, there were no equipment regulations. I plan on continuing to race next year in college. At the moment, I don't where that will be. So I don't know what, if any, regulations I will have to follow. I am going to get a true GS ski before next season, and I am intruiged by Stockli's offerings. Just trying to find out a bit more before I launch into a full on search to find these.
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There's a shop in Stowe that has a lot of Stockli stuff, but I don't remember if they had race skis, they specialised in Stormriders.
The GS is quite stiff, without much sidecut. I imagine they'll allow you to turn them, rather than them turning you.
I got the SC because it's fast and strong, but nice and floppy lengthwise, making it more adaptible.
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Ant - I skied the GS one day - borrowed from our friend - just before I left home....

Love 'em in long turns (and you know I'm a sook) but when a certain canadian instructor decided I should ski the trees in them : hard work! I bleated incessantly.... got better at it by end of lesson... but oh boy I need to ski better to ski those down that tree run!

Korporal - they hang on to the ice very nicely! (Ant think another step up from your SC's)
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My experience on the Laser GS was that is a handful with a stiff plate, but much more manageable with a softer plate. It allowed for me to keep up with the ski if I lost my line or was off balance, while the stiff plate wouldn't allow me to recover. Stiff plate was too much for me in the course, but I could freeski on it with few worries. It was hard to flex into a small turn radius. Same was true of the Elan GSX: great fun with a soft plate, a real race ski with a stiff plate. But, I only weigh 150lbs: I don't have the beef to flex a ski with a stiff plate, either in the course or out. The story would be likely different if I actually ran gates on occasion and was stronger!
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Highway Star:
I checked out the Head website, and didn't see any GS skis. But a Google search revealed Head GS skis, odd. I have heard rumors that their new "inteligent" core materials are pretty crazy, and that they work, well.

Sounds like the ski was taking you for a ride rather than the other way around. How much softer was the soft plate. Was it the difference between a race and "carve" plate?

Seems like the advertised turning radius is the "real" radius because of this skis stiffness.

Anybody know binding compatibility?
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The radius isn't the "turning radius" (though it's often called that), it's the radius of the sidecut itself. It is unaffected by the ski's stiffness. There are a number of threads on here that have more detail on the topic.

There are a number of reasons the published radius could differ from the approximate calculated radius. The published radius, at least for race skis, likely uses the FIS method, which may actually be less accurate than Physicman's approximate calculation. The FIS method uses a quite rough approach to adjusting from the full length to the "effective" length. Also, sometimes the published width (tip-waist-tail) dimensions are a little off, particularly if the maker just publishes one set of dimensions for all lengths.

There is also at least one recent thread here about equipment restrictions, as applied to college racing. My rough memory is that both the USCSA and NCAA have adopted FIS rules, but enforcement is perhaps non-existent in the former. NCAA is a whole different ballgame, particularly at the major programs ... but if you're planning to race in a major NCAA program, you're probably getting skis from a sponsor anyway.
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If you look at the Head site under racing you will find the iRace. That is an overcut GS ski for non FIS GS racing and free skiing. I have a pair of those in the length of 177cm. Head also has the so called Race Stock line that is not on display on their www site. Both adult and jr skis. I have a pair of iSL RD VIST 165cm for slalom and they are great but the FIS legal GS ski they have in the length of 185cm was too much for our small master courses so I stuck with the iRace. Its a great ski for our tight courses but I should have gotten a longer pair. They were out of stock so I had to stick with the 177cm length. Our ski school has a contract with Head so its sort of easy for me to stick with Head. Other great skis that I like are the Atomics offcourse (hate the binding and the lack of proper 55-60mm heel to snow distance). Im going to check out the new Blizzard and Kneissel FIS skis. They look soooo delisious .
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