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Eastern development team?

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Has anyone heard about the tryouts at Hunter? They should finish today right?
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What are you trying to find out? They hold the DCL/Dev team tryouts every season around this time.
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My guess would be that jess wants to know who made it. I do too, to see if anyone I know made it.
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Oops, thanks FOG that is what I was looking for. The tryouts were yesterday and today.
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Well, now thatit's "tomorrow" and the tryouts are done, I'll bump this up to see if anyone knows anyone who did or didn't make it, or maybe was there and wants to post about the experience.
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I'v eheard some rumors of out and out carnage (as in if you didn't go down in a toboggan, you made the team) at the tryout, but haven't spoken to anyone that was actually there. So take that for the very little that it's worth.
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And still silence?
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