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Snowboard navigation tips for Winter Park

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I have a friend visiting from out of town who's an intermediate snowboarder, and I'm planning to take him up to Winter Park tomorrow. He tells me that he's heard WP is a bad mountain for boarders. As a skier, I don't pay attention to the things that he would like to avoid (mainly flats and bumps). So I was wondering what areas to avoid and what areas to definitely hit for an intermediate boarder.

Right off the top of my head, I can think of the following areas:

Bad for boarder:
  • Pretty much all blacks (because of bumps).
  • All of Vasquez Ridge and Backside Parsenn (flat run-out) -- is it impossible to keep up enough speed on a board at the bottom?
  • The traverse from Olympia Express to access Jabberwocky, Cheshire Cat, etc.
Good for an intermediate boarder:
  • All of Parsenn Bowl.
  • Sleeper and Mary Jane trails.
Any other areas to definitely avoid or definitely hit? Also, what runs would you recommend for an intermediate boarder to improve in bumps and trees?

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My wife and I ride WP about 30 days/year for the last 20 years. I ski, she snowboards. Although she rides the black bump runs and trees we still enjoy the cruisers. I would recommend the following for an intermediate snowboarder:

Mary Jane side:
Mary Jane run (ride Iron Horse lift for shorter traverse)
Sleeper (early in the day before it gets scraped up and icy)
Lower Arrowhead Loop off the Pony Express chair (one of the best cruisers)
Runs off the Top of Parsenn Bowl (including the tree runs to skiers right, they are actually quite easy and suitable for an intermediate)
Blue runs off Sunnyside lift

Winter Park side:
Cranmer off Eskimo lift (one of the best cruisers)
Butch's Breezeway off Prospector lift

Runs off Olympia and High Lonesome lifts

If the snow is packed and fast:
The runs on Vasquez Ridge are nice and the run out is tolerable if the snow is fast, otherwise avoid it.

For easy bumps try the following:
Bumps on the right side of Cranmer
Bumps on Overwood_Underwood off Prospector lift
Bumps on the bottom of Golden Spike. Get to them by traversing right off the Pony Express chair at Mary Jane.
Bumps on Narrow Guage off the Iron Horse Lift
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MJ/WP is my favorite front range ski area. Yeah there are a lot of flats here and there, but then again, most Colorado resorts have this problem. Best advice, make sure your friend has a freshly waxed board. Good glide is important. Corona way can be a real pain on a boarder who can't ride flat and straight. You need to carry some speed through there. If there is a lot of new snow getting to Cheshire cat can be a pain, but otherwise it's usually not a problem
Vasquez ridge. Long flat at the bottom. Usually angled enough that you can glide through, but it's slow. An intermediate boarder has no business in the backside of Paresene's Don't take 'em there. Same with Vasquez Cirque. All the advice above me is spot on.
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