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Irish ski racing! ...

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Hey, tis almost Saint Patricks Day.

Irish ski trivia ... in racing .... no way right?

John Claude Killy was pretty darned Irish. The family name was changed to Killy from ..... Kelly ....

John Claude is the decendent of an Irish soldier who settled in France.

For real.
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Maybe this will draw out our favorite Irish Bear!
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Irish Bear Bait ..

Post a pic of a bottle of Jameson's.
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Irish ski racing? Isn't that what Bode does?
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Not very areo with a beer in one hand, do you get a time reduction if you do not spill?
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I didn't know that...The irish soldier's sweetheart was French? How do you find these things out Yuki? It's a good, timely trivia!
Anyway, Jean-Claude Killy was one he!! of a skier!:
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Originally Posted by Yuki
Post a pic of a bottle of Jameson's.
Not jameson's...post a pic of that Northern Irish swill....Bushmill's.
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Found it out digging for info on the current thread on gaining speed in turns.

Killy was the first I had heard of doing this with his availment/jet turn where there was some sitting back and shooting the skis forward.

I just hit a search engine and started scanning sites.
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What about Albert O'Tomba????????????
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Who was coached by Paddy O' Furniture?
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