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Am I nuts or just stupid?

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I'm almost 48 years old standing 6'6" tall weighing in at around 250-260 pounds, depending on beer intake. Having not learned how to ski - after moving out west - when I was well into my thirties, an expert skier I am not.

Recently, I've demo'd five different skis, for a cost of about $60. They where K2 Outlaws (181), Atomic B9's (~180), Rossignol B2 (174), Rossignol B3(182) and Head IM77 Chip (~177) My favorite was the Rossignol B2's. Considering myself an advanced intermediate am I crazy for considering the short B2's or should I spend more money demo-ing some more skis? In contrast to the Scream Pilot 10's (194) I now ski on, I like the slower pace of the Rossignol B2's. I may be wrong; but, I feel the slower pace and quick turning B2's allow me to hang in the fall line longer on the black diamonds my wife and kids love to ski so much. Plus, they are downright just easier to ski; especially when chasing kids though trees and crud.

Just looking for a sanity check. I'm not really to confident in spending the bucks for the shorties. Thanks in advance.
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You need to ski on whatever works for your ablity and skiing style. If a shorter lighter ski helps you ski steeps and you aren't skiing fast, that's perfectly fine. Just realize they aren't going to be stable at speed and in rough snow. Also, that 194 pilot is a fairly substantial ski, you could go to something a bit bigger than that B2 and still have alot more manuverablity vs. the pilots. Maybe a B3 around 180cm??
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HS makes good points all. All of those skis are great for certain folks in certain conditions. The 174s seem a bit short to me, too, for you, but given your conditioning and skill level, may work just fine. I think, though, that those Rossis may have a tendancy to not last as long as a more significant ski (I'm thinking wood core or another of the stronger core materials).

What did you think of the other skis you tried? I'm especially interested in what you thought of the i.M77, since that would fit my thoughts on a beefier ski for you...
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BTW, astropuppy, welcome to EpicSki! It's great to have you here. There's a lot to see and do, so check out the rest of the site when you get the time...
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Welcome puppy, great handle

I would demo Elan M 666/ magfire 12 184 or 176 and Dynastar 8000 178...(those are skis on my wish list that I want to try) I further think a 181 recon might have been worth a ride. Might try Volkl Unlimited series too, AC4, AC3 probably 184 for you at your size.....

Bud of mine is about 6'3 240 he rips on the M666 at 184....he liked the 176 too when he demo'd both....Magfire 12 is similar ski, as is 2003 M 662, still can be found cheap. He ski's pretty similar lines to me, I am on 168 Allstars 6' 180 lbs, doesn't get the angles I get obviously but ski's the same lines...

...but you like the B2 what the heck.....that's not stupid....esp if you're skiing with lower level skiers at a slower pace. Get the Bandits, work on technique skiing with the fam, then get some bigger bombers later

Post a review when you decide please.

One more thought, at your size you might wanna make sure you can get racing bindings...lot of system skis I wouldn't want to see you on din 10 or even 12 bindings. Upgrade to racing bindings...with the flat B2 you can choose a proper binding. The Elan M777, M666 and Dynastar legend 8000 are all avail flat too....2006 Volkl Unlimited series and Karma are avail flat as well....I think you can get the recon flat too...might check with dawgcatching on all this....and seek his opinion, he has ski'd all the skis I am mentioning I believe.....dawg has an active thread running now with his impressions of various mid fats.
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Shell and hrstrat57,
Thanks for the warm welcome and feedback.

As for the IM77's I never felt that I got on top of them. Brought back memories of a wipe out I had years ago on some RD Wild Coyotes. Just way to much ski for me. More work then pleasure. The Outlaw's and M9's, while quick where a bit like riding a bucking Bronco to me. Just to much work to ski with kids all day. Guess I'm just an out of condition Cadillac (ride) type of guy. If I where King I'd own a pair or B2's for the type of conditions we normally ski in and a pair of B3's for freshies in the morning. But, I live with a queen and only get to choose one. I also ski with a couple little kids that go places I do not care to go; but do.

The Foam core comment is very much on my mind. After about 200 trips I feel my - early - Pilot 10's are flat, mainly do to their foam cores. The way I see it, my preference for a damp ski leads me to foam core skis which leads to a short lifespan. Comments are welcome, I may be very wrong. We'll be in Sun Valley in a couple weeks, I may just have to find a pair of Elan's to demo.

To anybody reading this, please remember my comments about skis are about me and Not intended to dish any ski I may refer to.

Glad to hear there are some Jetson fans around here!
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