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Snowing in S Vt

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Been snowing all morning, now it's actually starting to stick.

There was some mention of "lake effect" What lake??????

We might just squeeze another week end out of this! Hear that St Paddy!

It's all good!

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"what lake...?"

Ummm...there is this lake called Lake Champlain that divides N VT and N NY. It appears on most maps printed after 1642. Thats why Stowe and Jay Peak have different snow conditions than S VT, lake effect snow.
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Most years, L. Champlain freezes over in January ending the lake effect. This year is different of course. Haven't been up there this year, but I'm guessing the lake will not freeze at all this year. The 5 years I lived in Burlington it was very cold very early and we got almost no lake effect.
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