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Another Search for an AT/Powder Ski

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This is closely related to Steve's thread on a second ski. I ski the original B5 and have a second AT/powder ski (Pocket Rockets). Unfortunately the PR's have nothing left in them. From my point of view the PR's beat the B5's only in fresh and deep soft snow or for landing (small in my case) jumps (the latter only because I ski a 175 PR vs. a 163 B5).

I have access to pro-form only on Atomics and Head but there certainly other skis I would consider at this time of year when there are good sale prices. I really think the 90mm waist of the PR's is pretty ideal for what I am looking for. However, I would probably like a slightly stiffer ski. The Mojo 90 is almost exactly what I am looking for. It's only drawback is that it is a pound or two heavier than the PR's which does make a difference for hiking and skinning. I am now considering the Atomics as well given their lighter weight. If I decide to get a ski now, I would probably also consider the Salomon Gun (although I am told they are still just as soft as the original PR's).

With this I have 2 questions:

1) What are the dimensions of the Atomic 06-07 lineup? The sugar Daddy with a 99 mm waist (??) is wider than I am looking for. The Sweet Daddy at 80 mm (??) is a little narrow for what I am looking for although it's bigger sidecut is attractive. What will the dimensions of the Snoop Daddy (Doggy?) be?

2) Other suggestions? I have read Steve's thread so no need to reiterate. Criterea are: Near 90 mm waist. A bigger sidecut/shorter turning radius is preferable. As light in weight as possible. Not too stiff but stiffer and more stability than PR's would be viewed favorably.
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Do you already own an AT boot? if not I save weight there and not worry about the weight of the Mojo 90, it is a PR on steroids. I'd go with that and forget the weight, you'll adapt.

The Snoop dog is going to be 87mm at the waist.
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Head has a ski called the Monster Alpinist for next year, it's 76mm and superlight with a waxable topsheet to avoid snow build up, that would be a good superlight touring set up. Not in your width range however.

I'd buy a ski I want to SKI not a light weight tourer that skis bad but is light, you'll use it more.
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if you do go mojo 90, depending on your size, weight, and ski length you choose, you might want to mount it a cm or two back. Super turny ski.

if youre into sollys and dont care about foam
a pair of 174 or larger 1080 foils might work.
stupid light and 85 @ the waist with huge sidecut.

id also to say to seriously consider some 179 or 188 bros
3.8-4.2lbs per ski for 99mm waist although not the sidecut it sounds like you want.
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^^Bros have been getting rave reviews as a touring ski^^
I've got a pair of sugar daddies mounted up for touring and thought the 99 waist may be too much initially, but after getting a few days on them my opinion changed. Sidecut may be a bit less than your after, but the softer tip seems to make shorter radius turns pretty easy to pull off.
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Thanks Whiteroom! I definitely plan on buying a ski I want to ski on soft snow days as well as BC. I do not own AT boots and don't expect to in the near future. I fly to ski and it's just too much to take 2 boots and 2 skis. I still haven't found an AT boot that both fits me well enough and has enough stiffness to replace my alpine boots, but if I do I will switch.

Originally Posted by Whiteroom
... not worry about the weight of the Mojo 90, it is a PR on steroids. I'd go with that and forget the weight, you'll adapt.

The Snoop dog is going to be 87mm at the waist.
I know the Mojo 90 fits the bill well. However, if I can find something equivalent (Snoop Dog?) that's lighter I might as well go for it. Unfortunately weight does matter to me a little as I climb, hike, and skin with others who are almost always faster (but very patient!). It's nice to reduce their wait
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Good ideas and info Jeff W. and pechelman. Thanks.
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Originally Posted by Si
Good ideas and info Jeff W. and pechelman. Thanks.
Do you have any way to get a deal on a Black Diamond Havoc? Nice light ski a friend of mine uses with Fritcheys as his powder/AT ski. We swapped for a few runs in knee deep last week and they seemed pretty nice....88 mm waist but still could make an arc on the groomers
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Thanks Newfy,

The Havoc looks interesting. It's actually lighter than the Pocket Rockets (1016 gm/100 cm vs. 1077gm/100 cm). I will keep an eye out for a deal. Also, it would be great to hear from anyone else who has skied the Havoc.

(Note that the Mojo 90 is 1194 gm/100 cm).
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The black diamond skis are made by atomic, right? I thought I heard that somewhere. You really should consider the 179 bro.
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The Atomic T:mx (the tele version of the R:ex is still available- and is on sale at www.mgear.com for about $385. It is slightly softer than the R:ex, lighter in weight, and a great AT ski. I have Fritchi Freerides on mine. It is a bit narrower in the waist than the Havoc (84mm), 114 at the shovel, and works great for me in any conditions- amazing edge hold on hard snow, too. I don't weigh much, so float is terrific, too.
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I would suggest a Nordica Beast Limited edition, they're 92 underfoot and simply awesome. I just got another pair in a 188. If you ski pocket rockets I think this ski would be a logical choice. From what I have heard they are similar to PR's but I think due to their wood core they may be more stable. The flex is supposedly similar. At high speeds through crud you can feel a sort of vibration from the ski flexing, I like it, but have not been on a stiffer ski so I don't know. The actionsports folks that post here have them for 300 bucks. The thing is that you can only get them in a 188 now. They do not have alot of side cut but I think thats a good thing in a powder ski as they will be less "hooky" in the wind buff. They do have a radius of 25 but are soft.
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I demoed the Snoop Daddy. If I recall correctly, the dimensions were almost exactly the same as my PR's. I skied these skis as my last pair in a day of demos so my legs were a little tired. Conditions were moderately chopped up Alyeskan snow (a little on the heavy side). I could not tell much of a difference when I turned them back in and hopped back onto my PR's. My gut feel based on a couple quick runs was that the Snoop Daddy was just a slightly stiffer version of the PR, perhaps exactly what you are looking for. I bought M:11s as a compliment to my PRs. Those B5's seemed too stiff to me for softer snow. I found the M:11's more versatile for my style of skiing. Finding a Snoop Daddy demo might be tough right now. I know where you can go to demo some 175's up here, but the airfare is probably more than just buying the skis.
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I really appreciate all these suggestions. It's quite helpful. Retiredat40, it's nice to hear from someone who has demoed the Snoop Daddy. In surfing the we I only found one reference to the Snoop Daddys dimensions: 125-88-111/174. Can anyone verify this?
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