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Leki Poles

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I am thinking of getting some Leki Ventrix Trigger poles. Has anyone ever used these? I have really wanted to get some Trigger poles because I hate trying to get my hand back in the strap when I get off the lift. I have some big fat gloves and
they do not want to go in the strap. I think it will be hard to use my cable lock on trigger poles becasue there is nothing to strap the cable through (since the straps are so easily removed). Also, does everyone else use their strap? I read on the web that it is a good idea to not use your straps because they are the major cause for thumb injuries.
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If you want a fast access pole system try Scotts composite or series 3 poles , since last year they have had a locking leash that is fast and effective . A buddy of mine with big hands and mitts used to waste a lot of time with his poles and I told him I would not ski with him unless he got the faster system , and he got them . I figure I get an extra run a day by the time I save .
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I'm skiing exclusivly with the Leki Trigger system and think it's great. they do pull out if your pole gets snagged so you are less likely to get hurt by a stuck pole. The go in and out very easily. As an instructor teaching lots of never evers I find getting in and out of the poles quickly is a major plus.

The only 3 caveots I have found so far is pushing - when you put your palms on the tops the clip releases, locking your poles when you stop to eat (as mentioned) and skiing in very wet conditions - water in the release mech can freeze and make it hard to pull operate the trigger.

The pushing thing doesn't bother me much because I skate fairly well and I just take my poles with me into eat. The skiing in rain/sleet doesn't happen enough that I really don't worry about that part.
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I think the triggers may have surpassed sliced bread as the greatest invention I have a pair of Sl and GS triggers and think are worth every penny. At one time or another every racer has left a pole in the ground at the start. The Leki's eliminate any possibilty of that ever happening again. You don'y have to worry about loosing them in any deep stuff either. Absolutely indespensable in my opinion.

Getting on the lift is also a snap. No more fussing around with trying to get the straps off. They also make for an interesting conversation piece on the way up. Highly Recommended.
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Bought a pair the other day. In the past I would never use the staps for the same reasons as mentioned. The trigger system is a cool idea and looking forward to tryng em out. Question, does any one of the models come with a anti-thieft system?
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I don't think any of them come with an anti-theft system. I have some of ultra-lite ti adjustable trekking poles with the trigger system. I was wondering if these would work well for skiing. Are there any issues to using a titanium pole instead of a 50/50 Carbon/Aluminum pole?
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I just asked same question in another thread. I see I'm not the only one who thinks they are great.I had mine last year and quickly tired of waiting on my friends
I also had a little trouble poling at first but when they loosened a bit they were fine. Also if they are not strapped real tightly to your wrist it will make snapping out easier.
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Dislike them for the reasons dchan mentioned: get frozen very easily in the wet, and pop off leaning on them. Use conventional straps.
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I used them for about a year, stopped when I lost one in deep snow. (It is possible). I still can't understand how as I was right next to where I stuck it in, searched for about 1/2 hour with no luck. Finally just skied down to Whistler base, bought a new pair of Smith poles, and have used them since.

As said above, they come off sometimes when skating/pushing and I've gotten snow in the mechanism (freezes).

So I'm back to conventional straps, and no-one waits for me! I somehow manage to get poles, boot buckles, and everything else arranged as fast as anyone.
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