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'03 Fischer International site up in English and Deutsch

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www.fischer-ski.com Fischer's international site now has its 2003 lineup on line. For your musical enjoyment their 2003 racing technology features (drum roll, danke) FREQUENCY TUNING!!!!!!!!!!!!
According to Fischer,
"This process of vibration harmonization actually originated in the music world. Fischer is the first to apply it to ski production. A specially calculated grid structure harmonizes high-frequency vibrations and transforms them into positive energy."
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Didn't K2 try that and call it a piezo? Changing bad vibrations into energy? Funny that a silly piece of foam (MOD-Structure) does a better job a quieting the ski than the "space-age" technology. Go Figure!
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K2 transformed the vibration into electricity and even included a little light on your skis that would light up so you know it was happening. Not sure what Fischer means by 'positive energy' since that sounds too much like a karma thing. It looks like Fischer has taken a lesson from Dynastar & Salomon and decided it needs gadgets to sell in the US.

On another note, I see they have the new Fischer (i.e. repainted Salomon) bindings on their web site. I wonder if they'll make any headway over here.
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Does “Frequency Tuning” work? I can't say because I haven't tried the new skis. I did hear that Bode Miller and some of their other slalom and GS WC athletes were skiing on "Frequency Tuning" skis last season before they came into retail production.

Fischer has a reputation for making very functional skis. That they would be promoting "frequency tuning" as taking "high-frequency vibrations" and "transform[ing] them into positive energy" seems so unlike Fischer and rather amusing. I hope it proves to be more than just hype.
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What exactly is "frequency tuning"? How often will they need to be re-tuned? Do I need to tune them differently for moguls than for powder? How do you tune them? Do they have keys, like guitar? Or is the length adjustable, like a trumpet? Do I need to buy tuning forks for my toolbox? :
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This reminds me of the Rossignols I had many years ago. They had VAS vibration damping devices on top of the skis. They really worked. When one of them fell off, I glued it to my toolbox and it hasn't vibrated since. I also got a new pair of 9Ss from the Rossi rep off that damage.
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Only Fischer’s racing line comes with "Frequency Tuning". Unless you are a top racer, you have nothing to worry about. If you are a top racer, your ski tech can worry about it.

From what I understand, any competent piano tuner who has worked with Steinway, Baldwin or Yamaha pianos can periodically re-tune the skis to restore proper harmonization. Unlike the Rossi VAS the Fischer harmony grid structure is an integral part of the ski's top skin and cannot fall off. While the skis are very versitile, the song they play best begins with the words "The hills are alive with the sound of music..."
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