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Bindings for prophets?

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I been reading a lot of different post about how there seems to be problems w/ line bindings. I was wondering what type of binding would be recomended for my prophets?
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Salomon 912/914/916 or Look P12/P14/P18 Rossi Power 120/140/180 from last year (e.g. Pivot not Axial).

Do NOT get Line bindings they are useless.
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Whats the difference between the P12-18 and the PX for Look?
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Stay away from the line reactors, as their is way too many problems with the toe pieces and unwarented releases. Look or Rossi is really the only way to go, though the Solly 916 is a great product if you can pick one up. Any of the higher model looks or rossi are fine, however I prefer last years model as the axial heel is a proven design that allows for great elasticity. This years aren't bad but some people have had problems with breaks in the heal piecies.
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P12 and P14 are up to 2004/05 model year Pivot model bindings by Look. The P12/P14 have plastic housings with some metal and are more than adequate for most people (I have a pair of P12s, I weight 200 pounds and they are fine at 10). P18 is the race version of the binding which has a true turntable heel and a DIN of 8-18. All metal, very solid binding.

PX is the new Look binding which doesn't have the turntable/axial heelpiece. Most people prefer last years. I haven't tried the PX so I can't comment, Look claims it is technically better but the market concensus is that they switched the design to save on manufacturing costs and to have a binding with a solid "click-in" feel like Salomon (stupid but true).
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So if I can find a pair of P12, I should prob buy them up....thxs for the help
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Look around and you can find P12's for around 150. Proctor Jones has last years for 175 though I would pull the lifter plate and flat mount them. Internet gear swaps such as TGR are also a great place to pick them up for cheap.
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So I should go w/o the lift?.....also would I need the wide for my 80 waist?
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You don't need the wide brake it fits my 81mm skis fine. If your skis are a little wider (1-3mm) just bend them by hand. If you are on a 90mm pick up the wide breaks, if for some reason you can't let me know and I can send you instructions for bending in an e-mail. It even comes with fancy pictures! If you ride park I would remove the lifters and flat mount, the lifters don't really do that much and they tend to give you a bouncy feel on landings. It hasn't been proven but most park riders feel that it can almost bounce you out of the binding.
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Cool thxs for the help
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