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Cartop Edge Protection?

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I'm taking a 200 mile trip next week with the family's skis on top of a car. Last year I remember seeing lots of rust from this trip.. any ideas on a quick fix of oil or wax to prevent rust? Thanks.
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Toko makes a product called edge protector. it's like a marker pen that you run down the edges and it protects the edges.

Then when you return, you can use it again.

The other choice is just run a heavy coat of wax on the base and edges and scrape or ski it off when you get to your destination.
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I have one of those Toko edge protector applicators (and I'll sell it to you for several bucks if you're interested), but I would strongly suggest instead wiping off all (and I do mean all) snow (using a plastic scraper, plus napkins taken from the lodge) and then keeping your skis in a ski bag atop the roof rack. (Trick to keeping the bags and their straps from flapping excessively in the wind: just use some bungee cords.)
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I agree Jonathan. even better, find a way to take them in the car or get a "hard case" carrier for the rack.

but in a pinch that edge protector works pretty good.
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Don't worry about your edges. You can file the rust off. You should be more worried about what the salt & grit is doing to your bindings. If you can't put your skis in a hard case, a ski bag or inside the car at least get some binding covers to protect your bindings.
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If you must have your skis exposed, I'd suggest a little WD40 or Vaseline along the edges to protect them.
It's cheap and you probably already have some around the house.

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In addition to binding and edge corosion problems, another gripe I have about normal ski racks is that if you are driving in rain or slush, your entire ski gets coated top and bottom, tip to tail with the wonderful mixture of dirt+salt+sand thrown up by other cars on the road.

Now, if you ski on them this way, not only do you totally negate your wax job, but you can drive this abrasive muck into the wax/base. Unfortunately, this coating of muck is often dried on by the time you get to the ski area, so what are you going to use to clean them b4 skiing? Well, its cold out, so water will freeze, snow doesn't work that well, etc. etc.

My solution: After years of owning "normal" ski racks, I now have a nice big Thule car top box to throw everything into, and these annoyances instantly became a thing of the past.

Tom / PM
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