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I didn't need them ....But ..........

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I bought them anyway. I hit a yard sale this weekend and found a pair of Salomon 186 Super mountains with Salomon propluse binding for $100.00 They are in excellent condition the seller said she took up tele sking and had not used them once last season and the season before for only maybe 30 days. I mean how could I go wrong buying them for $100.00? Ok so my wife is giving me grief over buying another pair of skis. I'm sure she will get over it by the time the ski season starts.
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It would have been immoral for you to pass them up. You saved yourself from eternal darnation.

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Oboe my friend, I'm going to show your post to my wife...After I buy her a box of Chocolates and some flowers
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Heck, you could blow that much $ in any low haunt or dive in a few hours on some "floozie" and cheap beer!

You type on the computer a bit and then wander out to the garage and sharpen and wax or just take down an old Hansen 50/50 or Weber Performer and admire the lines and the mahogany ....... and you still get the "skinny eye" ... :

You have to remind em that there are "other options" ....... buy and old Harley and get a tattoo ..... an old SINGLE seat aircraft .... etc.

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Did you tell her you got them at a garage sale? That they were a bargain? That they were on sale? On clearance? Cheaper than eBay? These are very magical, powerful words, and she should understand, especially after eating a few chocolates.
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great ski, one of my favorites of all time. on anything slightly soft, these skis are wonderful and have a killer flex. you've found an amazing deal.
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Why didn't you just say you got them for her! I just bought my boys a new wakeboard,it's a little big for them so I'll just use it until they grow into it!
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Woman do have thier own priorities. I reminded her of the great deal she got on some Italian designer shoes. Shoes that were selling for over $200.00 that she bought for $59.00. So she is now a bit more "understanding" so to speak.
Yuki, I wish I had my old 9'6" Rick UFO,or better yet an old Greg Noll Micky Dora "da Cat" model Surfboard. I'm sure there are tons of old Boards back east up in raffters of Garages or in basements.just gathering dust waiting for someone to find them. Collectors are now paying big money for 1960's vintage boards and older boards.
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I have a pair of SuperMountains in that length. Its a truly fun ski. One of the best crud busters I've ever been on. Just don't expect any pop out of the tail.
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