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Oakley Wisdom lense haze

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Anyone had their Oakley Wisdom lense interior haze up and not be able to get them clear?

No I didn't wipe them wet, they did this on their own in the bag and vault. I did put them away hot and sweaty though.
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I had my a-frame lenses do that once when I torqued the goggles in a fall, I think the seal between the dual lenses was broken. I ended up replacing the lenses from Oakley.
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I know of the evil you speak on the A frame.

This is definately the interior of the inside lense. Oakley admits this openly if you wipe them wet but I didn't wipe them.

Wore them in the am, put them away at lunch clear as a bell. Took them out 6 days later and WTF all hazed up and could not get clear using goggle bag.

Perhaps being 3 years old and lots of use, lots of days put away wet caused the anti fog product on the interior lense broke down and just pooched on it's own.
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I didn't wipe the lenses, I know not to do that. I accidentally tweaked the goggles which let moisture in between the 2 lenses and that fogged them up.

If you pull the lens out of the frame you can see how the 2 lenses are mated together...its a dual lens design. The seal was probably broken along the way in my ski bag, or whatever and then the moisture got in there later.

Since then I haven't had any issues with the goggles, I got a new lens and its been in use ever since.
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Had same prob with my A frames. I put away after a extremely wet day. Next day, noticed a haze on the lenses. Tried to clean with water, which must made it worse.

Sent back to Oakley & they were nice enough to replace the lense even though I couldnt find my receipt. I had them for a season & 1/2.

I'm very happy with their customer service, however, I can't say the same with their anti-fog coating. I've never had problems with the anti-fog coating on any of the other goggles I've owned in the past. They really need to come up with a more durable coating, esp when you consider how expensive the Oakley's are.
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wizard. I would agree 100%. Although I think the public needs to let Oakley know that the type of anti fog coating they are using is pretty stupid considering they are SNOW goggles.

I love Oakley product it is usually designed for the application and does it very well. I don't mind paying for top notch product but when a lense is $120 or $60 you have to wonder if it's worth it.

I got a smokin deal from my dealer on a new Persimmon lense, so for now I will keep using, but I will be looking for new next year.
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Have you tried putting them out in the sun, say in the back window of the car?
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Comprex. Do you know something? IE others have made mention of heat. TGR boys said stick them in the oven but my SDM was going off.

I thought about heat and used my truck defrost for 20 minutes but it made no difference or was able to buff out the haze with the bag.

do you know something?
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Radiant heat: greenhouse the 'tween-lens space to hotter than ambient. I've cleared a couple of Swatch dials under the heat lamp in the bathroom.
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Originally Posted by comprex
Radiant heat: greenhouse the 'tween-lens space to hotter than ambient. I've cleared a couple of Swatch dials under the heat lamp in the bathroom.
This would be fine if it was moisture. It is not moisture it's the coating on the inside of the lense.

Thanks anyway.
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I use the hand dryer to clear out the snow when it gets inside the lense but so far have not had your problem with fogging. let us know, eh?
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you gotta give me the link to the tree adapter. Man I gotta have one of those.

Just think I could bring my toaster on hill and have warm pop tarts.

JK Ryel.

I'll let ya know if it can be fixed for use, but I am pretty sure they are done. Maybe I can get them clear but the anti fog will be toast.

I know enough now that if you even touch the inside lense when wet kiss that lense goodbye and from mine don't put away wet.
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just cause I like to whine.

so March 06 I bought a new persimmon lense from my dealer because my old one hazed up.

Well it's December 10th and now the new lenze is hazing up as well. Haven't wiped it wet, haven't stored them moist. I have been extra triple carefull of this with the new.

WTF Oakley. These are going back to Oakley in the mail along with my old ones and perhaps I will get new ones but.... what's the point. so I can be aggrevated and have more ski days wrecked by crappy ass stupid interior lense coatings.

Sorry Oakley but you deserve all the bad publicity possible on the Wisdom lenses. WTF can't get a ski lense wet? perhaps they don't understand the concept of snow.

Great frames but the lenses are just a waste of money if you ask me.
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Do you still have the old ones? To experiment with?
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