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Whats up, I'm new to this group and I'm trying to get rid of a set of skis I won at a Volkswagen raffle. I tried putting these up on EBay, but apparently nobody wanted them. Well, the skis are as followed:

2004 Salomon Verse 7W Twin Tips

160 CM in length

No bindings, but have some "Crossmax" risers on them.

They are in pristine condition, I haven't used them once. They have some minor dust on them from sitting in my room since about mid-February.
I have a set of Vokol Funcarvers, so I really have no need for a second set of skis.
I was searching around for what these kind of skis may be going for, so I found a site called and they have the skis at $379 (marked down from $450, and that was for the exact same skis as mine, no bindings either. Haha.) However, I'm only going to let these go for $250. I mean they are a year or two old, and ski season is slowly fading away.

Just let me know what you guys think about this. I know this isnt the best time to go ski-selling, but I wouldnt mind letting these things go. Hey, they would make a great gift.

I have about 10 pics on a site that is currently down. Whenever they fix it, I'll throw the link on here. Until then, PM me for additional pics.