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Line- a good brand?

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I just found a new ski brand today that I have never heard of and they seem to have some good skis for good prices. It's called Line. Do any of you know if they make good skis? I'm looking at the Prophet 80. Dimensions are 117-80-105

Also, I'm 5'10" 150lbs., very athletic male, solid advanced skiier. Would a 166cm or a 176cm partial twin tip ski fit me better?
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Line has had some sketchy financial problems recently, but they look to be over it. Some of their stuff is great for lighter weight skiers, the Prophet included. Definitely go longer at your height and weight.

Stay away from Line's park skis- their durability is a major question. It seems to me like the Invader, at about $270, is designed to be a "disposable" ski.
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The boy skis on Mike Nick and it skis well. That's a great all mountain ski plus twin tip. He is a light weight on 171cm and he can rip it up.

You can usually get em sale.
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Good skis but, in my experience, terrible bindings. I would never recommend the purchase of Line bindings due to significant pre-release problems.
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Student: www.evogear.com and also eBay search for Line Prophet, the 80 and 100 are going for cheap. Your location says WY, if you are skiing Jackson I recommend the 100. At your size 179cm in the 100 and whatever is close to 180cm in the 80. The twin takes off some length.
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Thanks for the help guys. I really appreciate it.
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im 6ft and 159 pounds and also ski on the 171 mike nick pro, great all mountain ski, light weight. I dont do much park but the ski is awsome for all mountain.
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