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Buying Some Skis

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Hey I am looking to buy a set of skis. I am 5'10 and about 150 lbs. I have skiied quite a bit and usually do black/blue runs with a few double blacks. I am looking for like an all mountain ski twin-tip. I like going off piste and in the trees and powder runs. I'd say about 40% on groomed and 60% off. I;ve looked at the K2 Public Enemy's and Solomon 1080s. Any other suggestions?
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Salomon Foils are hard to beat for a forgiving fun AM twin tip. Try a Scratch FS if you want more beef and get into the park; if I had to own one twin tip for everything - and I favor soft backsides - the Scratch BC would be it. If you don't do parks and do do a lot of groomers, might try Karmas; better at carving, higher speed limit, stronger core, not as quick in tight spaces as first two.
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You were in the exact same position i was in uncanny really since where the same height and weight. I spent a couple of months at red mountain, which has the best trees in north america and already had the magfire 10 in a 160 but was looking for something a bit longer and fatter with a true twiptip. Then I made a really foolish decision, i bought a pair of 05 1080's without demoing as the price was to good to pass up. I found them way to soft and thier speed limit is slow as, i skied them for about 5 days before i sold them worst ski i've ever been on.

After this I had the opportunity to try the k2 seth vicious and the ARV by armada and if you want something with a waist around 90mm the the ARV is awesome. It's got nice thick edges, and is just a really solid ski. I'm reasonably agressive and loved it everywhere, the magfires where my favourite if it wanted to rip the groomers for a couple of hours, but if i wanted to do anything else i'd slap on the ARV's. I had them in 175cm as well.

oh better mention that i was trying to tell you in a round about way to demo the skis first, it'll save you a lot of time and wasted ski days on crap skis.
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