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TAYLORMATT-level 2-psia-e

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Congratulations to Taylormatt.... He passed his EPSIA level 2 with extremely high marks...Out of a possible score of 16, over the two day event, Matt scored a 15....He passed the skiing several weeks ago, also, with a very high mark.......congratulations Matt, Seven Springs is fortunate to have you and Mara on staff.....
Kudos to Wes P, your Trainer/Mentor......

Larry C
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Taylormatt, you go! This is awesome! Congrats!
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I have skied with Taylormatt and I had no doubts. Level III should not be far away!!

Way to go!!

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Good job, TM! Wear the shiny new pin with pride.
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Way to go Matt, I too had no doubt you would ace it!
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Thanks everyone, loving the new pin. Looks better than the bronze pin painted half silver/red/blue

L3? Thinking about it...
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The silver pin is a big jump in looks from the bronze pin. Congrats.
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Way to go, Matt. Hope to join you next season.

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I said it in the other thread so I'll say it again. Way to go Matt! I had no doubt that you'd ace the exam. You are the definition of a dedicated instructor after all, you seem to live on the hill. That level 3 will soon be yours too, go for it.
I hope your achievement yields more plum assignments as well as fatter pay checks. Here’s hoping you never have to get a ‘real job’.
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