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Conditions at ABasin

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has anyone skied up there in the last week or so? Is it as bad as all the other Summit County resorts?
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I know Loveland isn't in Summit, but it was NICE on Saturday... and I can only imagine with the 9" they've gotten in the last two days, its even better now. A-Basin has to be close to Loveland conditions...
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the skiing is GOOOOOOOD right now
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Skied A Basin on March 12...Conditions were very good. Granted, Im comparing it to Attitash or Wildcat, but there was new snow and no ice.
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well, conditions turned out to be fantastic!!

I skied the Legend Sunday, after a decent dump overnight. I was on the 4th chair up from the bottom, and 2nd chair from mid mtn. to the ridgetop. I then hiked to the North Pole Chutes, and laid down first tracks down the East Wall!!!!!!!! That hour was one of my best as a skier! It kept snowing all day, and I was skiing freshies until close...just amazing, esp. since this was my first time there! I am an ABasin convert!!!!
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i will be there for my first time this memorial day weekend...
hoping to drop into east wall (at least lower east wall) and whatever else i can hike into...very stoked!!
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Since I will be in Denver for a wedding, I am going to be hitting up A-Basin on friday the 26th of May this year and I may also head up there on Memorial Day the 29th of May depending on conditions and the amount of terrain open. Regardless of conditions it will be good for me to get a fix in between now and next season.

What impact do you think the avalanche death there last year on the 19th of May will have on the amount of terrain open Memorial weekend? Even if there is quite a bit of snow which looks likely since snowfall has been considerably above average this year, do you think ski patrol will close large portions of terrain which would easily be skiable just to be on the safe side?

Finally, has East Wall or Pallivacini ever been open over Memorial Weekend?

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Pali, yes it has been open.
The East Wall - I honestly don't remember.

On the Avy question, I'm guessing (this is pure speculation and WAG) that they will be blasting similarly to early season, and leaving as much open as doesn't get carried away in the blasting - see the pictures from last year's avalanche report though to show what could happen, much of the snow pack was carried away with the post-avalanche avalanche control blasting. My guess is that they will do that this year (and every year here on out) before it ever has a chance to slide with a skier trigger event (or on it's own) again.

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Pali = open
East Wall = open
North Pole = open(weather permitting)
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Originally Posted by cmsummit
Pali = open
East Wall = open
North Pole = open(weather permitting)
I hope this is the case this May. I'll be out there around the 18th or so, and would love to have a lot of terrain still be open.
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specifically where was the inbounds slide? pali face?
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Originally Posted by DefJef
specifically where was the inbounds slide? pali face?
On the attached picture it approximately started where the red arrow is, and slid about on the green line. A link with the whole gov't report and lots o' pictures:

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wow, scary. I skied Sunday right there, where the red line is and then down along that edge of the trees. I had no idea that was the location....
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That avalanche that happened was a wet slide avalanche. You could blast the hell out of the slope and if temps rise enough it'll still slide. It's a different sort of problem that time of year. The mistake ski patrol made was not closing it earlier. Then again, it was an unusual warm period. In the middle of winter blasting slopes works great.
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Thanks for the information regarding A-Basin around memorial weekend! I think it is going to be a real treat regardless of conditions.
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