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April Skiing in Tremblant

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My buddy and I wanted to go up to Tremblant the week of April 10th. I spoke with them and they say the season ends at the end of that week, April 17th. They will not know until right them whether they will close the mountain, or how many trails will be open.

Does anyone know Tremblant well--Is it still worth going this late in the season (from the US)?? Any other best bets for 2 quick days of skiiing in Mid-april.

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Russ I am not sure where you are from but I went to Tremblant on the last week of March from NY last year. It was total ice-feast in the morning (like literally skiing on ice cubes - even worse than your average eastern boilerplate), and by the afternoon it was slush-feast (like 7-eleven slurpies, I could make slurping sounds moving my skis in the snow). I still had fun since a sh*t day of skiing is still better than a day at work! But given the terrible snow condition on the east coast this year, I would suggest skipping Quebec and going to someplace with better chances like UT or CO or BC Canada. You can get pretty cheap ski packages anywhere that late in the season. Whereever you decided to go in the end, have fun!
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