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Rossi Z9 vs Atomic M10

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I was able to demo several skis, but not the M10. I liked the M9 (164cm?), but it wasn't as good as the Z9 (162cm). The Z9 completed the turns without any effort. It was like I was around for the ride. I also tried the Z5 (170cm), but found it to be very heavy, and somewhat sluggish. I could get used to the Elan Magfire 10 that I tried, but again, the Z9 really made an impression with me.

I'm currently on 9:18's, but I want to get off piste more. I'll be step 8 when I get a bit better in the moguls.

At my local shop, the Z9's are $950, while the M10's are $800. The ski tech says the skis are very similar, with the M10 slightly stiffer. Any opinions?
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I have spent time on both, much more on the M10 than the z 9. I like the metron 10 more than atomic's metron 11 on gromed snow and it works well off tail as well. The only day on the Z9 I had was a powder day and it worked very well then but we only get a few days like that in the east. I only can guess about its hard snow preformance. I think either would be a step up in profrmance for you. As both are great skis (I think that the metron 10 is atomics underated ski in its line)
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The Z9 is a very different ski than the M:10! The Z9 has a broad range of performance, and a very deep sidecut, while the M:10 has a shallower sidecut and a lower performance target. The Z9 is a like a friendly M:11/M:B5. The Z5 is more aligned with the M:10, although the M:10 has the Atomic edge hold while the Rossis all have that gentle Rossi feel.
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Z9 without question. It's more versatile and way lighter weight
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