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Too picky on my tune?

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My favorite ski tuning shop has sold the business to another store. After being assured the same techs and machines are being used, I sent my skis in for the basic tune. My expectations were to have the base ground, any nicks to be filled, the edges sharpened, and the skis waxed.

Got the skis back – the base structure was done, but the structure was finer than it came in with. Lots of remnant scratches showing in the base. The wax job showed low spots in the base adjacent to the edges. The edges look great though.

I asked the tech about the wax pockets, he mumbled something about the polyjet not really filling in too well adjacent to the edges. From my previous conversations with these guys, polyjetting was only done when skis showed many deep gouges that would not come out with stone grinding.

Am I expecting too much?
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was it a discount job or the full price (around 40.00 USD?) I would complain if what you usually get for that price is better and this time they screwed up. The only way they will keep up their quality of service is if people let them know that they expect better.
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$25 for a machine tune. Going rate in Boise.
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if 25 is the going rate for a structure and stone grind then it's a good price but they should still do a good job. The going rate in SF is 40 and resorts usually it's around 45-50.
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Sounds like a crappy wax job. After I get done p-texing and waxing, the bottoms look brand new and shiny.

If your skis look anything but new, you got screwed IMO.
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Comparing this job to the one's they did last season - it's clear that somebody dropped the ball. Groan. Will see what they have to say on Saturday.
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I know which shop you're talking about & have had a similar experience.

It's true that SOME of the same techs are working there including the shop manager. The new location generates more business than what they were used to, so at the start of this season, they were sort of rushing alot of their work.

Next time you go in, tell them that you want Bob to do your skis...he's the most experienced and you might consider waxing your own. Unless you ask for a "race wax" job ($$$$$)...they're just going to run your skis over a roller that applies a surface layer of molten wax....pretty superficial job.
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Yep, we are on the same page. Bob is the man. I'd take his tuning class every year just cause he has so much info and is so easy to get along with. Not sure why that shop is sucking so bad this year. Another friend had the same experience with his tune.

That particular shop has done a couple of things half-azzed on the bike repair end as well.
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