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Need help buying new skis!

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I've been looking for a new set of skis for some time now and I sill can't decide what I should buy. I do all of my skiing in the west, mainly at Steamboat, and consider myself to be a solid advanced level skiier. I can ski all black diamonds with ease and love skiing the double black diamond chutes at Steamboat, including Christmas Tree Gulley which is filled with trees. I want a ski that I can use on the pow days and also use on the days that all of the runs are tracked up and icy in spots. I'm not looking for the absolute best skis made, but I do want something that I can progress into as my skills improve. I've been checking out a lot of the all-mountain models and also some of the twin tips, but I'm not sure which style would better suit me, and I don't know which ski models would best suit me. I'd prefer to buy a 2004/2005 model to save money. Can anyone on here help me?

P.S. I'm very athletic, 5'10" and 150 lbs. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Tell Danimal you can give him 400 and never look back.
Good deal and probably a good ski for you

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steamboat, you lucky dog!! one of my favorite places to ski, especially 'the closet' when there's powder around....

and cugino's for dinner!!
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If your handle describes your monetary status (or not), I'd suggest you look at the K2 Public Enemy. They're a twin tip, but a great all mountain ski as well. Best of all, they can be had for reasonable prices about everywhere. I just picked up a pair on Backcountry.com, for my son, for $279 with free shipping. He's on his third pair and just loves that ski.
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i would suggest having a look at our website, www.actionsportsoutlets.com or our ebay store http://stores.ebay.com/Action-Sports-Outlet
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some nice deals there!! a couple of things for women especially...
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Thanks a lot for the help guys. I've been looking at all of the links you gave me and I wondered what you guys would say would work best for me. I'm looking at the 163cm Head IM 75's, the 175cm Blizzard Titan 9's that Danimal is selling, and a pair of 172cm Atomic M11's. They're all about $400 with shipping (if Danimal would take $400), including bindings. Also, if I wait until the end of the season will prices go down, or will everyone just sell out and there will only be slim pickins left?
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I think the Atomic M11 in a 172cm are too big, these are meant to be skied shorter than usual.


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Another seller of the head iM 75 http://cgi.ebay.com/05-Head-Monster-i-M-75-Super-RailFlex-II-Skis-163cm_W0QQitemZ8780510155QQcategoryZ62183QQrdZ1QQc mdZViewItem

Without bindings, bindings will cost about $80 on ebay.


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Thanks! I'm also looking at the Nordica SUV 14's with the integrated marker bindings. Are these as good as the Head IM 75's?
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The SUV 12 is the top of the line in the SUV series. The SUV 14? Can't find it.

The Speedmachine 14 is available; the Speedmachine 14 is for on-piste skiing. Its a great ski for groomed runs and snow up to boot-top level. The Head 75 is not as good as the Speedmachine on the groomed, but better is soft snow.

The Olympia Victory XBS is better than both, this is a female specific ski (I'm not sure of gender at this point).


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Suppose knowing gender might help. I'm a male, 20 yrs old. SUV 14 is a 2004/2005 model. I'm a little hesitant on the Head's because they are 163 cm and I was told to be looking for something in the 170cm range, and I'm not sure what kind of a difference I'd notice between 163cm skis and 170cm skis. Do you have any idea? Thanks again for your help.
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My budget is $400 total for skis and bindings. Those are some good lookin' skis, though, maybe I'll ask him if he'll deal at all. All he can do is say no. Thanks again!
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Action Sports Outlet has the SUV 14 in a 170 with bindings for $389.
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Would the SUV 14's be a good ski for the skiing that I do? I'm not looking for the "perfect" ski, just something that will work well and something that I will like and will be able to use for several years.
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I'll toss in my vote for the Salomon Guns. I like'em.
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