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I bought a set of salomon Xwave 6.0 for my size 13 feet after my first season of skiing(after 7 years of boarding). Not sure of the exact size but the boot bottom is marked as 335mm. I had heat molded orthodics/insoles done when I bought the boots. This was done 'supposedly' to give be more volume in the front of the boot....which it did. The only other change was punching out the inside left ankle.

After my third season, I had a alignment at Harald Harbs store in downeville, CO. This consisted of another insert which really helped my fore/aft balance and adjustment of the canting in the boot. After all was said and done, I required between 1.0 and 1.5 canting to overcome knockneeing and decided to have this done by grinding the boot soles.

While having all this work done has tremendously improved my skiing (now in season 5, >100 total days, probably at a level 7/8), I absolutely hate the slick bottoms of my boots. I have to use cat-tracks when off the ski's to keep from ending up on my butt. To say using the cat-tracks is a pain is an understatement.

I am looking for another boot with sufficient fore/aft adjustments and canting adjustments to eliminate the need for boot grinding. Considering what the boot grinding cost, I am willing to spend what is required. Having replaceable toe/heel pieces would be a nice bonus.

My primary focus is carving, I have a set of atomic SL9 @170 and volant gravity 68's in a 175. I am 6'0", 200lbs. I just recently demoed a Atomic metron M 10 in a 171 and thought it was the perfect ski and now own a set(making my volants my rock ski's). My intended use is 70/30 on/off piste.

Any recommendation on my next boot?