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UT trip: what days where?

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I'm doing Park City on arrival, Tuesday 2/28 then road-tripping to WY and skiing there Wednesday and Thursday. Meeting back with my wife in SLC on Friday and planning on skiing again in UT on Saturday, Sunday, Monday and a half day on Tuesday. I'm planning on hitting Alta, Snowbird, Solitude and Brighton during those last days of the trip. What order should we visit them in to avoid crowds as much as possible? Especially on Saturday and Sunday... thanks!
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Your best bet to avoid crowds is Solitude. Don't forget Snowbasin.
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Brighton is also nice and quiet. Seems to be mostly undiscovered except by locals. <shrug> Great place to go on the weekends.
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So that's that. Solitude on Saturday, Brighton on Sunday, Alta on Monday and a half day at Snowbird on Tuesday to finish it off... Can't wait! Are the bowls or steeper terrain really mogully right now? I strained a muscle in my thigh so moguls are not going to be my friend on this trip... not that they really ever are but that's another story.
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how can you be so worried about crowds that you are only skiing Snowbird a half day, yet you are skiing full days at Brighton and Solitude. B&S are fine, NOTHING like the vastness of Snowbird. I would for sure ski the Bird for a full day and take a half from either B or S. B & S don't even begin to rival what you will experience at the Bird.
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Which is closer to the airport for Tuesday? We have a plane to catch at 4PM. I thought Snowbird would be more convenient for a quick half day... or is the difference negligible in terms of driving time between them and the airport?
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There all so close to the airport that it doesn't matter. Snowbird is the closest, though. To tell you the truth, I would leave the bird out of the picture altogther and go with another place (powder mountain, snowbasin, or another day at the other cottonwood resorts). Never been to powder mountain, though. But to really be completely honest with you, I would follow the snow.
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i'm going to be in utah this weekend
i would check the weather
it looks like anything but alta/snobird and brighton/solitude might not have the best conditions.
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