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Demo's or how I spent my Saturday

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Me 5'11" 188lbs 51y/o. Skied 54 as far this season. Yea, I know, I'm a few day's behind schedule. Okemo Saturday March 11th, Temp 40-50's partly sunny to full sun.

Love my Volkl AX3's in 170m, and my AC4's in 170cm, have fun on the P60SL's and enjoy my son's Pocket Rockets 165cm.

AC3 170cm: I was surprised, I didn't find them as light and tossable as my AX3's. They were easy to ski, just didn't say, "Hey, Buy me!" they were confident. I'm having a hard time trying to say more about them. Maybe I was looking for something more.

Karma 170cm or could have been 168cm can't remember: these were easy to ski but didn't have that locked to the snow feel. That could be because these are more of a park/pipe ski. I can see where they would be good if that was what I was looking for.

Rossi Radical 170 with both long arms: This was very much a GS ski single minded but fun once up to speed.

Rossi Radical 162 short arm in front long in rear: these were more SL feel but the tips seemed to not be locked to the snow, had good pop out of the tail. I think they would have been more fun with medium arms in front. Again, both of these were heavy.

Rossi Z9 162: I demoed the 170 a few weeks back and didn't like it. I found out why, it was to long. This 162 was a hoot, felt a lot like my AX3 just heavier. You know how much I love the AX3.

Elan M10 170cm: I demoed these because KevinF had them at ESA at Stowe. While standing next to Michael Rogan (brag) I noticed how much edge hold the ski had. These were the closest to my AX3's just a little heavier. I think I would chose them over the Z9's.

Elan Speedwave 10 165cm I think: didn't know much about these when I got on them. By the third turn I found out they were SL skis. Lots of pop and great edge hold, they handled speed fine. I would say easier to ski then my P60's.

Elan Speedwave 14 170cm maybe 168cm: Hang on, these things are fun GS skis, easy to ski slow yet fun when you lay them over on edge.

I'm looking far a replacement for the PR's

Volkl Mantra 177cm: after ready about these here on EPIC I was looking forward to these. They did not disappoint me. A great ski with that Volkl feel. They handled the soft heavy snow fine. Not quit as quick as the AC4's in the soft snow but these are longer then what I normally ski.

Rossi SQUAD 174cm 130/100/120 these things were fun, handled the soft heavy snow fine, but lacked some of the Volkl feed back. They were easy to ski and handled the speed fine.

Salomon Foil 175cm: I think these will be the replacements for the PR's. They are light, quick edge to edge, hold well, as much fun as the PR's.

I'm trying to convince myself I need to replace the PR's.

I did ski the Mantra twice. I may be looking for a true powder ski for next March in Utah. I liked the feel of this ski, but I'm a Volkl man.
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Max- check your PM*s
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