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New Skis

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Hi, im new here and was looking for some new skis, im 12 years old, 5'3 100 pounds and a aggresive rider..... thanks for any replys...... christian
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I also own a pair of Atomic beta race, that are 150's. They kinda feel small and i feel like im pushing them too much i also do some freestyle
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Hi Christian--Welcome to EpicSki! Thanks for joining us, and I hope you find the skis you're looking for. I'm sorry I can't help you myself.

What part of Maine are you from? I'm from Houlton, originally, used to ski a lot at Sugarloaf, although I've lived in Colorado for over 20 years now.

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Bob, im from southern maine, kenebunk [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Originally posted by Bob Barnes/Colorado:
I'm from Houlton, originally, used to ski a lot at Sugarloaf, although I've lived in Colorado for over 20 years now.
Our family vacationed in Houlton (rented a cottage from a farm family) in 1972. Remember that the sun came up very early and being short of breath at the top of Mt Washington which we visited on the way to Maine (from NYC).
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Probably hasn't changed much, Pragmatic. Actually, the population of Houlton is less now than it was then, as the potato farming industry keeps declining. Walmart, up by the Interstate, has pretty much devastated the downtown section, but they've done a nice job renovating the old Town Square, for something of a revival. It's still a beautiful town. My family is there. In fact, they live in an old farm house and have a great cottage ("camp," in Maine-speak) on East Grand Lake that they've started renting out in the summer. When I first read your post, I thought "wouldn't that be a coincidence..." but in 1972 my grandparents lived in that camp, so it was never rented out.

Ctp1--Kennebunk is at the other end of the state, but it's a beautiful area too, eh? Eat a lobster for me!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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hey thanlks for all the replys, and to anser your questions what i mean by a agrresive is that i usally do all kinds of skiing and i am not a racer.and my skis judt kinda feel to small and it feels like i push them too hard like a said above... and yes i do live about 9 miles from the maine diner , yes they do have very good chowder ........ Christian

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CTP1 - Welcome, guy! It sounds like you are a good skier, but if you could tell us more about how you ski, we probably could give you a better recommendation. For example, how many years have you been skiing; are you a racer; do any particular skiing situations give you trouble; by "agressive", do you mean "fast", or do you mean "you'll ski everything and try anything"; do you feel like you are muscling your skis around a lot; have you ever looked back at your tracks - how smeared out are they; do you ever take lessons, etc.

Without knowing more about you, I have absolutely no idea if this would apply to you, but my 11 y.o. (tall, thin, skiing since 3 y.o.) was on 140 Enemies as her main skis last season. Objectively, she did extremely well on them and she loved them.

Tom / PM

PS - I shouldn't even try to tell you where to get that lobster that Bob Barnes suggested, but being from Kenebunk, do you and your folks ever eat at the Maine Diner on Rt. 1 in Wells (www.mainediner.com)? Just thinking about their chowdahs makes me hungry. We have family nearby, and I sometimes think we visit them as often as we do just to go to that restaurant. [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
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CTP1, it's going to be very hard to give you an equipment recommendation without knowing a lot more about you and how you ski. Unfortunately, this is very hard to do over the internet.

However, I will comment that many times, a given pair of skis will feel short to someone because of technique, not because of an intrinsic shortcoming to the skis. This happened to a lot of adults as they went from long straight skis to much shorter "shaped" skis. Don't forget that World Cup level skiers are winning races on boards not much longer than your 150's. I think the best approach would be for you to take a lesson, and before the lesson starts, tell the instructor about your concerns and ask his (her) advice on equipment, technique, etc.

The best of luck,

Tom / PM
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